Bullying Essay

May 24, 2012
By Renzo Hernani BRONZE, Stuart, Florida
Renzo Hernani BRONZE, Stuart, Florida
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Teenagers in this generation fear the fact that they may be bullied, are getting bullied, or getting bullied again. Many suffer from the depression caused from bullying. Bullying in teenagers has caused many troubles in teen’s lives and even to the point of suicide. I have gone through bullying in one time in my life as well and many of my friends as well.

My bullying started when I entered middle school, in the 6th grade. I was a chubby little boy, and would always get made fun of for being obese. I would get bullied physically and verbally. It used to happen only once or twice a week, but further into the year it started to happen almost every day. I tried to stand up for myself, but it only made the predicament even worse.

The next year, in 7th grade, the bullying had leavened a little. Once again, throughout the year the bullying started again more often. Every day in the locker room for gym glass, I would get physically bullied by J.G. I stood up to him once again, but that didn’t work. I even went to the gym coach and asked him to help me and he did absolutely nothing to try and stop me from getting bullied. Until one day I had had it with the bully and confronted him. I ended up getting written up with a referral and he got away with it, even though he was the one who had caused it all to happen. In the 8th grade, I had lost weight, so that the bullying would cease, and everything seemed to be normal and I was not bullied again.

I think that when a teenager gets bullied to the point where they actually fight the bully is unacceptable. It’s even worse that “the bullied” gets into trouble and “the bully” gets away with it, without any punishment is just absurd. In order to stop bullying, or at least to make it happen less, is for teachers to step in. My teacher didn’t step in at all, even when I asked him to help me. He seemed like he didn’t even cared. What if it was his child getting bullied, I bet he would have stepped in there.

No matter what different kinds of bullying exist, we must all try and help to prevent more teenagers from getting bullied. We all need to make sure that we are taking a part in this. Bullying is a big thing, whether we like it or not. Even if the victim stops being bullied, he/she will be emotionally scarred for a very long time.

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