May 24, 2012
By Osman Syed BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Osman Syed BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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One experience I had with bullying happened on my friend’s eleventh birthday. James and I were going to the arcade to celebrate. When we arrived, three bullies from James’s school were there: John, the leader, Matt, the foul mouth, and George, the strong man. All three bullied James because he was smart and shy. They bullied him for years and he reported them countless times, but his principal did nothing except to tell the boys to stop. When we saw them at the arcade, we immediately left, but they started following us. Matt started cursing at James and we saw they were closing in on us. We started running. Unfortunately, they were faster than we were and when they caught up. George tripped James. When he got up, I saw he had a couple of scrapes on his arms. Then he did something unexpected, he cursed at them. John immediately grabbed him by his hair, pulled his head back and punched him in his stomach. I ran to help him, but George pushed me and I fell backwards. James still on the ground clutched his stomach. Then Matt interfered and s cursed and kicked him. When James finally got up, George slammed his fist into James‘s jaw. James fell to the floor. His arms, legs, and mouth were bleeding. Next, they dragged him a few feet from a wall and picked him up. Finally, George kicked James in his back. James flew into the wall bashing his head. Finished, they laughed and left. I quickly took James’s cell phone and called his parents who were mortified. They rushed with an ambulance. James needed his head stitched. He had some broken ribs, too When his parents asked what happened, he was too scared to tell them; I had to promise not tell them either.

After this he started failing in school. He had to go to summer school. He became introverted. Since the bullies also had to go to summer school, James was terrified. A month into summer school he had enough of bullying, so when he came home from classes he killed himself. Since his dad was a hunter James was no stranger to pistols. He wrote a suicide note. Then, he shot himself in the head. I was on my way to his house to see how he was doing. When I got there I saw his body on the floor, the gun in his hand and blood around him. His mom was crying and his dad was crying and cursing. I was so shocked that I fainted. I told his parents everything and the bullies were expelled from school. Intolerance is horrible and this experience is something I hope no one has to endure. Many people have killed themselves because of bullying.

Lady Gaga, started a foundation called the Born This Way Foundation because she was bullied. The Born This Way Foundation can be an excellent movement if it exposes the tolerance in an intolerant world.

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