Innocent Devil

May 24, 2012
By IllBeMe BRONZE, Palm City, Florida
IllBeMe BRONZE, Palm City, Florida
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When people look at me they think I have never experienced being bullied. They are highly mistaken. In fifth grade my best friend, Amber, was in sixth grade. I knew her from my cheer team, and we were inseparable. The coaches loved her and barley knew I existed. Her mom would take us to practice when my mom couldn’t. In sixth grade I went to the school she went to and met my soon-to-be best friend Destiny. Destiny also cheered, but on a different team. At the end of sixth grade I stopped cheering and Amber switched to the team Destiny was on and they became friends. One day Destiny walked up to me and told me that Amber had been talking bad about me at their practice. I was so confused. couldn't’t understand what I did to her considering I hadn’t talked to her in about six months. When she walked past me in the hallways she would smile and give me hugs. I had no idea who to believe. I ended up making myself forget about it for the rest of the year. In the middle of seventh grade I went to a dinner for Destiny’s cheer team. The moment I stepped in the room, I got dirty looks from everyone in the room. Even the parents believed Amber. I didn’t know anyone in that room other than Amber and Destiny, and everyone already hated me. They talked about me right in front of me. Throughout the whole night I held back tears. The next day Amber posted a picture from the night before and I was in the background. Amber’s friends called me ignorant, and even worse, the devil. One of the parents called me a bad apple. I gave up and cried, and then I showed my parents. They went to her house and talked to her, I haven’t heard from her sense.

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