'Cause She's Still Painting Flowers Hoping It's Okay

May 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Mikey and Jules were very close. Mikey and Chris, Mikey’s boyfriend, were like her aunt and uncle. Jules called them Aunt Mikey and Uncle Chris. And yes, Mikey was a girl. They went to Kristen and Dave’s wedding together and to Warped Tour. Jules told Mikey everything. When something was going bad, relationship problems, everything.

So, when Jules started dating Hunter, she was ecstatic. Jules texted Mikey, and Mikey told Chris. A few days later, Mikey texted back. Jules thought nothing of it. Until, a week and a half later when Jules was getting ready to hang out with her friend. Jules’s parents had to talk to her. While waiting for Jules’s father to get home, her mother told her. Jules was crushed. Mikey was addicted to pain killers. Mikey, the one that had pain. The one that had surgery to fix he pain. Was addicted. Jules couldn’t tell anyone. Everything changed that day. Jules became depressed again. When her mom brought up the painting Jules painted for Mikey, she bawled. Her mother apologized and didn’t bring up the subject again.

On August 21st, everything changed again. Hunter broke up with Jules. Mikey texted Jules. Jules almost broke down at the movie theater. Mikey kept texting her mother and causing drama. One night, in the middle of the night, Mikey texted Jules again. Stating that she is in the ICU again. Jules instantly thought of when Mikey was gonna have her surgery in New Hampshire and Jules and her father went to build-a-bear. To make Mikey a teddy bear named Jack, like Jack Baur from 24. Jules barely slept, again, for awhile.

A couple months later, Jules is uploading pictures on to her laptop. She comes across pictures of Mikey and her at Kristen and Dave’s wedding. She stares at the picture for awhile and wishes it wasn’t like this. Jules looked at the picture everyday for about a month and a half.

Christmas Day came around, all was good for Jules until she received a text from Mikey. Instantly, her day was ruined.

January 7th came around and it was a snow day. It was supposed to be a good day, except it was the day of Mikey’s court hearing. Morgan and Jules walked around in the snow. Hunter was trying to get the hearing off of her mind, it barely worked.

When Jules’s mom got home, Jules asked her about it. Mikey had gotten the rehab deal.

Jules life will never be the same. No matter how much she wishes she hadn’t gotten that close to Mikey. Or believed the lies she fed to everyone. There is an invisible scar on Jules, no one can see it, or feel it. Except for Jules, only she knows it’s there. It may be fading, but that scar will always be there.

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