My Dream, My Goal, My Life

May 19, 2012
By allemarie BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
allemarie BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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I have a dream. Hoping one day it will all come true, I dream quietly to myself not only in my sleep but wide awake, too. My parents do not always agree with my ideas and wishes, but they ultimately accept my dreams in the end. I plan to achieve all my goals by studying hard and dedicating my time to learning. Education is the future, and the only way I will ever make a difference is if I take the opportunity to learn. Focused on my future, I hope my wishes of love, a family, and a great career succeed because of my hard work.

Honestly, I am currently living half of my dream now. See, ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to live out the fairytale lifestyle. I always dreamed of being the girl who meets her prince charming and falls in love at such a young age. That is what I mean when I say I am already living half of my dream. One year and seven months ago, I started dating this boy named Donnovan, yet to know we would still be together today. Donnovan and I are definitely a unique couple. There is no reason to act different around him because he loves his little “allecat” just the way she is. I am currently in the love stage of my dream. No, I am not guaranteeing marriage because I am only sixteen, but in order to fall in love, one has to put their heart out there. My parents and grandparents did not expect or want me to fall in love at such a young age because it is definitely a risk, and they did not think I as age appropriate for me to have a serious relationship. Over time, they got used to fact that I had fallen in love. Today, Donnovan and I are as happy and can be. No, it is not easy, but I will always be willing to fight for Donnovan and I’s relationship because he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

The next part of my dream is highly unlikely to happen because my parents would never approve. I’ve always dreamed of being a young mom. I am not talking like sixteen years old but maybe twenty. I want to get married first at the age of nineteen, but m parents told me that they would cut me off and I would have to support myself. I dream of getting married in the St. Louis Cathedral and having my reception right on the River. I want to wear a beautiful white lace up dress with a long train and a magnificent bun to top off the princess look. Once I am married for about six months, I want to get pregnant with my first child whether it is a girl or a boy. I have already picked out the following names: Courtney, Cailee, Chandler, Caden, and Carter. I want all of my kids’ names to start with the letter C or have strange names such as: Hadley, Blaire, Addison, Brent, and Naomi. Although I have various names picked out, I only want three children.

While I am pregnant with my first child, I wish to get my degree in education. My parents always tell me how I will not make any money, but I want to do it for the satisfaction of watching the children learn. It is definitely one’s prerogative to simply know they are educating the future. Once I get my degree, I will then go back for my masters in education so I can get a little more money that will be needed for my family. I wish to teach at St. Ann Catholic grammar school in Metairie because my aunt taught there. I have always wanted to be a first grade teacher and have to buy classroom accessories with the educator gift cards my mom would buy me for Christmas. Before I become a teacher though, I will buy a nice house in the suburbs because I am for sure a family oriented girl. Once all settled, and my husband and I are living comfortably, we will put our little girl in gymnastics and buy a cute dog. It will be a boy dog named Malachi. I do one day hope my wishes and dreams will come true. I will strive to be the best and pursue everything that will help make my ultimate dream possibly. After all, this is the real American dream!

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