Leaving for Boot Camp

May 18, 2012
By Anonymous

“I can’t believe you are leaving tomorrow.” I said softly. “I know, time has gone by so quickly, it feels like just yesterday I had met you in class…but I’ll be back before you know it and then I won’t ever leave your side for the time I return.” He assured. I am incredibly proud of him but at the same time, I do not want him to go. He meant so much to me I didn’t want to let him slip away like that. I sat there silently with all of our memories running through my head. He swiped the bangs out of my face and kissed my forehead. “At least you know I’ll be ok and I can handle it.” He said. “Well I know that, that’s not the problem…I just don’t know what I’m going to do while you’re away. You’re the person I always go to for anything. You help me stay positive and push me past any problems. The second I hear your voice, I instantly smile. I’m on cloud nine whenever we are together, I don’t think you know that you are my comfort zone, Will.” He stared at me silently with the slightest grin. “Really?” he asked. I nodded. “I’m really happy you feel that way and I’m glad you told me because that is what is going to keep me going and help me stay strong when I feel like giving up. I hope you know that you are also my motivation and you make me feel like one of the happiest guys out there…promise me something though?” “Of course, anything.” I responded. “Stay strong and take care of these for me.” He handed me his favorite t-shirt and hat and a wristband he always wore to support the Navy. I looked at him and smiled. “Really?” I asked. “Really really,” He responded “and I expect you to be wearing all of these items when I get back and come see you.” I could not stop smiling at this point. “I promise.” He hugged me tightly and suggested we go out to the park to end the night on a good note. There was this one park that we claimed and declared it as “our spot” a couple blocks away from his house. It was a big park and very beautiful. They call it Commons Park. It is so green and so much grass with a little sidewalk path that surrounds it for the runners, tall trees of all sorts, a playground for the children, volleyball court for the athletes and an enormous pond with a fountain in the center. We always sat on the bridge going over the pond and fed the fish and whatever ducks that would come cross our way. It was late in the evening as we sat by the pond and watched the fountain that was lit up beautifully with little twinkly lights. We had then started reminiscing on the old days when we had first met in school. I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior. We had a theatre class second semester and his friends had described me as “the cute girl”. I was absent the first day of the semester and they had pointed out. “The cute girl?” he repeated.”Yeah, she has these big green eyes that her eyelashes flaunt and light brown wavy hair. She’s Polish too.” He was a sucker for green eyes and European heritage, so he knew he had already fallen for me. The next day I showed up to class, he saw me walk into class and instantly knew that I was the one they were describing. As we were half way through the class period, he and I had a task to do in the teacher’s office. I walked in as he followed behind me and started working. He had commented on my eyes and started up a conversation. Each day we had gotten even closer than the last, it was incredible. Every day since then, he would walk me to my next class and hug me goodbye. Within such little time, we were practically best friends. We always worked together during class, hung out in lunch, talk after school until he had to go to rehearsal and walked me home when rehearsal was over. I was in stage crew and he was an actor. Whenever there were any kid concerts I would work, he came to visit me during that time. We had really started to grow feelings for each other, which wasn’t a problem for either of us considering we both had just gotten out of a relationship a couple months earlier. As the year went on, we were inseparable. We explained our feelings to each other but never did anything about it because he was graduating and I still had another two years to go. As for now, I’m a senior. Every day since then, we talked and had not lost any interest in each other. His dream was to be a professional fighter. He went through training, learned all the techniques and had actual fights to experience. A couple months back, he had enlisted into the Navy. I was devastated in the beginning but it is his decision and I am supporting him on it. This was everything was everything we had talked about at the park that whole night. Then something happened that I possibly will never forget as long as I live. We stood by the pond; I started to walk away as he pulled me by my hand and said “I have something to ask you.” My heart started to beat fast and the list of possibilities scrolling through my mind like a computer. “Go for it.” I responded. He stood in front of me and stared down at his feet looking a little nervous. I could hear his voice slightly quiver. “Well we’ve been friends for the past two years and have really gotten to get to know each other within that time…I know every day our feelings for each other got stronger, well, I know mine did for you, hopefully you feel the same.” “Of course.” I said. “That’s good, knowing that is making this a bit easier. Well I wanted to know if you would like to be my girlfriend. I know, I’m not the best guy but I think you are the best girl for me and I have never met a girl as phenomenal as you.” My eyes lit up, I felt the excitement and adrenaline run through me, I have been waiting for this question for a while now, and I quickly interrupted “Yes! I would absolutely love to be your girlfriend and you are far more than a best guy. You are something different and I adore everything about you.” He smiled and his face lit up with joy. He picked me up and kissed me as he started to walk. “This night was exactly the way I wanted it to end before I have to leave tomorrow. You have no idea how happy I am.” “I think I have the slightest idea.” I said back. “I’ll write you every chance I get, I promise.” He said. “And I’ll write back every time.” I responded happily. He grabbed my hand and wrapped his arm around me. “Can you promise me one more thing?” he asked. “I will promise you anything you want me to.” He smiled again. “Promise you won’t fall for anyone else while I’m gone?” I looked him in the eyes and kissed him. “That’s not even possible; my heart is set on you and has been for the past two years. It won’t be changing.” We were definitely content with everything. He walked me home and we sat on my porch. It was hard to say goodbye. “Three months…I’m not going to see you for three months.” I said “It’ll go by. Be strong, remember?” I looked down at our hands. “I know, I will be.” We talked for a while longer and fell asleep. The sun started to rise and we woke up. He was leaving at four p.m. that day. “At least we can say we saw our first sunrise together.” He said cheerfully. I smiled as my eyes started to get a little watery. I put my face on his chest and hugged him. My throat was starting to grow a burning sensation and I became a bit shaky. He already knew. He held me tight and comforted me. I felt like it wasn’t fair; something so great had happened and now it has to be taken away. “Everything is going to be fine. In the meantime, while I’m at boot camp, you can practice guitar and play me some stuff when I get home.” He said positively. I started to calm down a bit. “Okay.” I said. We got up and he kissed me goodbye. “Be strong, baby.” Are the last words I heard from him for the next ninety days. “I promise.” I whispered.

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