the teacher that cared.

May 17, 2012
By lattavargas BRONZE, Sayreville, New Jersey
lattavargas BRONZE, Sayreville, New Jersey
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So my name is Latta, and I can say I have met the most wonderful teacher this year. Yes I have had very good teachers and I will probably have so excellent teachers but I assure you that no one can compare to this one. The reason why I believe that she is indeed the best is because she does not just teach she cares, and she cared for me when I was lying in a hospital bed alone with no one to hear me cry.

I had just gotten out of surgery and I see this little short lady whit such a sweet look in her face and I notice that it is Mrs. Santos my 10th grade history 1 teacher. Ironically her soon had to go to the hospital the same day as me and was staying a few rooms away me. My mom was busy that day and couldn’t be with me when I woke up from surgery, I can say it was pretty scary, even though I was a high school student all that hospital stuff still got to me. It was only the beginning of the school year Mrs. Santos barely even knew me, but when she heard me cry for her she came to my rescue.

I was on my way to my room I was in so much pain and I couldn’t stop crying. As I remember I couldn’t even see clearly. I haven’t yet figured out why I cried so much that day but I remember that the only reason I stopped is because Mrs. Santos held my hand and told me it would be okay. She told me that my mom would be here soon and she would not leave me alone till she was. At that time her son was sleeping so she could manage to keep me company, her mother was also present there and she helped out also she told me that she had the same surgery once and it would be okay. They stayed in my room talking to me till I fell a sleep with all the medication the doctors gave me, it was not that big of a procedure it was pretty minor yet being alone was scary and I’m glad that I can say I didn’t have to deal with it for long.

Mrs. Santos has done a lot for me this past year, she listens when I have some crazy teen crisis. She held my hand when at the time that’s all I needed. She taugh me that being a teacher is not just about the teaching but yet about the caring too. She stays up making sure she is always caught up with all the work she has to do, she grades everything on time , she is always thinking about ways to make her class better. Mrs. Santos is indeed the best teacher I have ever known. I am very glad that she stayed with me that day because it has really helped me it proven to me that people still care. She cares!

Thank you Mrs. Santos =)

The author's comments:
i wrote this to say thank you Mrs. Santos for being there that day and if i haven't thanked you i hope this shows how grateful i am.

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