Supper w/ Snakes

May 16, 2012
By tjprice BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
tjprice BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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Every year I go to scout camp to earn new merit badges or get another rank in the tribe of mic-o-say. You can also go to outposts at the camp usually outposts are a whole lot better than staying for the food at the campsite dining hall. One evening when I was at H. Roe Bartle for summer camp I went to an outpost “Supper w/ Snakes”. Some of my friends and I went to the outpost and we saw turtles roaming around the place where the snakes were. There were also some picnic tables that we were going to eat on. For dinner we had sandwiches that were pretty good but better than the food that was at the dining hall for dinner. We had cherry Kool-Aid to drink and vanilla cookies for desert. After dinner the workers that were working at the place were getting the snakes out for us to feel the snakes and we also discussed what these snakes did and info that we needed and wanted to know about the snakes. Then after that the clouds were getting cloudy and it was sprinkling a little. That’s when we went inside the reptile house with the turtles.

Then they gathered us around a cage with two venomous copperheads. Then they got a white living mouse that the employees caught the day before. They dropped the mouse into the cage and the mouse was jumping around the cage like crazy. Both snakes were watching the mouse going back and forth then one of the snakes struck and bit the mouse injecting it with its venom then the mouse slowed down a bit and then the mouse was paralyzed because of the venom in its veins. Then the copperhead that struck the mouse extended his jaw and ate the mouse head first because then the mouse would go down easier. We sat there and watched the snake consume the entire mouse until the tail disappeared into the snake’s mouth. Meanwhile the skies darkened and then rain poured harder. The workers got a radio message saying that they need to stay put where they were and don’t go outside because a tornado was spotted in the area of the reptilian house. Then the tornado hit close to us.

My dad and I went out of the reptile house to the car after the tornado almost hit us. It was pouring down buckets of rain and it was horrible the path turned into a 3 inches of raging water by the storm and the entire trail was muddy and we got a ton of mud that weighed down our shoes because of it. Then we finally got to the car and stayed in there for about five minutes then we took off back to the campsite with our friends following close behind us. When we got back to the campsite the tents were blown over from the terrible disaster. Some people had the contents of their tent be blown out of the tent into the campsite.

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