Erase Marks

May 16, 2012
By nick molina BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
nick molina BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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“No one is perfect that is why pencils are made with erasers.” When you read that sentence what do you think of? Time passes us by and we may not understand how precious time is until it’s gone. We live life full of mistakes and doubts. If I could change an aspect about myself it would be not to waste time or regretting the mistakes I’ve made in my life. I distinctly remember when I was a freshman, I had moved to a new school because I had been bullied so badly at my last school. I had wanted to start over and start with a clean slate, but that fear of being bullied stuck to the back of my mind like a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. I was so hung up on the past that I was afraid to make new friends, thus I distanced myself from all my new classmates. Eventually, that led to kids making fun of me because I didn’t say a whole lot, and they continued to do so for a while.

So I was stuck in the same boat that I was afraid of being in and I’m not sure if I was ever going to escape out of this sinking vessel. I tried so hard to avoid being bullied like I had in the past, but it was like the more I tried to prevent it the easier it made it for them to pick on me. Like quick sand the harder I fought the faster I seemed to sink. I couldn’t stop dwelling on the past and the though of being afraid of what it could do to my future that I didn’t realize that it was affecting me in the present. The kids made fun of me until one day I decided to open up. They saw just how funny and creative I could be. To this day they are some of my closest friends. It’s kind of funny if I would have just opened up sooner that all that bullying could have been avoid. People shouldn’t live in the past because “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.” How are you going to enjoy the gift of today if you are still crying or dwelling over the mistakes of yesterday?

When you make a mistake with a pencil your able to erase it, but the mark is never completely gone you choose to write over it and move on. People should learn to do the same with mistakes in live, we can’t dwell on the past life would be so much easier if we just moved on. You may be asking your self well we are human we are going to make mistakes right? We are human. We all will make mistakes, but what I’m saying is that don’t let the mistakes of yesterday affect the decisions of tomorrow because we it is all said and done do you want to look back on your life and see that you lived life off of regrets.

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