Happy Un-birthday...

May 16, 2012
By escapemyfate SILVER, Salem, Massachusetts
escapemyfate SILVER, Salem, Massachusetts
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"A man who has a "why" to live, can bare with almost any "how." -Nietzsche

Well, yesterday was the big day. I turned seventeen years old. I ran a mile in high heels, found out I got a D in one of my classes, (I've never had less than a B), I lost a friend, and embarassed myself completely in front of the guy I like. Well, I liked him up until yesterday. He used to be obsessed with two of my best friends, and one since the beginning of the school year, when he had just moved here. I met him when I was hanging out with my two best friends, and we went to go pick him up. I took a liking to him after a while. He seemed like such a nice guy. So laid back, funny, respectful. It's funny how the mind can play tricks on us. He texted me a few months after we first met, saying that he knew I liked him, and he told me that I definitely have a chance with him. Then he basically told me that he would only like me if I straightened my hair on a daily basis and caked on my make up. He was calling me ugly.. Being the stupid, desperate teenager that I am, I tried to change myself for him. One day, I asked him to prom. He said that he wasn't really into the whole prom thing, and I was bummed, but shrugged it off nonetheless. I then found out that he had been talking to my two best friends and other people at his lunch table about how me liking him was a complete joke, and how I would never have a chance with him. Then he said, "You're just mad because I like 'her' instead of you." Well, you're right. I am. Because, besides my best friends,you like completely trashy and unattainable girls. They never like you back. My best friends didn't even like you back. But one girl comes along, that's semi decent, and almost exactly like two of the girls that you dated, and you want nothing to do with her. That's just wonderful.I now see what my friends were trying to tell me all along about you. That you were nothing but an arrogant, cocky prick. I guess I liked you too much to see it for myself, but now I see it clearly. They were right. If only you would see that you're never going to find a girl like me.

The author's comments:
Happy birthday, you're ugly.

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