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May 16, 2012
By Mad1is1on BRONZE, Ward, Arkansas
Mad1is1on BRONZE, Ward, Arkansas
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Have you ever had that one person you love so much? I had a guy that understood everything and listened to me. I used to talk about and to him all the time. My parents did't like him though. They asked me his number to make sure I never talked to him ever again! I did anyway and got my phone taken away for 2 weeks! Guess what? I used facebook the next time, I got my phone taken away for 1 month. My step-dad had told me NEVER to talk to him again or he will go to jail...THEY PUT A RESTRAIN ORDER ON HIM!! My parents depised him! They only knew the bad though. I loved and love him. One night, we had an athletic banquet with my mom and I told her he may be there. Before we went in, She gave me a speech about how bad news he is, and how she did NOT like him!We went in and the guy came in and sat three tables down...right in front of me!! We kept looking at eachother and he would smile. He knew I was extremely nervous because I laugh when I'm nervous. I didn't care if my mom didn't like him. I talked about how much he mattered to me the whole time. When we left, she was talking good things about him. That morning, I gave her a huge hug and said "Thank you so much for not yelling at him and understanding!"
She officially blew her secret up and said "You know there was never a restrain order on him?" She really undestood how much I loved him. I busted out crying, and gave her a EVEN BIGGER HUG!! I was happy the whole day. Then he got a new number, and now we talk a lot. The other day, he was with a girl. I told him how much I love him. He said something that made me SO MAD YET SO HAPPY!! He said, "If you would've asked me out before her, I would've said yes" It has been one year now, and I am trully in love with him. I will never give up...expecially because I'm so close!!

The author's comments:
Love inspired me to write this piece.

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