Is It Really As Dangerous As You Say It Is?

May 16, 2012
By scarletphantom55 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
scarletphantom55 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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When it first came out and started to be used they would warn us time and time again. “The internet is dangerous! There are people on there that are after you!” They’d always exclaim. Seriously? They still tell us that even though we’ve been using it for years. Teachers, parents, school boards, any adult really. Constantly we’re barraged with this internet is dangerous crap. True there have been some encounters with internet predators and just some flat out insane people, but come on! Now a days all kids, teens, and adults are tech savvy. Almost everyone owns a computer and is a part of at least one website. For teens and kids, we’re on sights made for teens and kids. Try and use common sense! You think we’re stupid, but we’re not. We are aware that there are dangerous people, but we’re not stupid enough to meet one person on the web, know them for a few days, and then want to meet them. Teens are nosy. We ask them questions, we have “face time” with them with webcams, we talk to them constantly to learn their personality and who they are, we aren’t being stupid, you just assume that we are because we’re not adults. It’s actually you the adults who warn us of the internet that are more at risk. You’re not as tech savvy as us and you are the ones stupid enough to want to meet someone you don’t know on the internet through like dating sites and what not. But then they tell us of cyber bullying. Woo, cyber bullying. Can you read the sarcasm in that last sentence? If someone has to bully a kid over the internet, then they shouldn’t been seen as a threat. That person is too spineless to actually bully you face to face and has to hid behind a computer screen. Almost any of the arguments that adults can throw at us, teens can counter. We really aren’t as stupid as you think. You need to learn to trust us and not freak out about every little thing we do, like talking and making friends with people on the internet. It really seems that the adults need to be the ones growing up in this situation.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the nagging I hear all the time from the news and adults who go on about how dangerous it is for kids to be on the internet.

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