Dogs, Man's Best Friend

May 15, 2012
By dgeorgevich BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
dgeorgevich BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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Nobody can understand the connection humans have with dogs until they get one themselves. Whenever people say a dog is a man’s best friend, I find that statement to be very true. I myself am a dog owner and I have realized that over the years that having a dog has many ups and downs. For example if you have a dog you are never home alone, there is always someone there to greet you when you come home, they will listen to whatever you have to say and will love you no matter what. Some of the negative things of dogs is they leave messes (if you know what I mean) and they are a lot of work, but way worth it.

Believe me on all of this, I have had a dog for quite some time now. I have had a dog for over nine years, and have loved every minute of it. My dogs name is Sammy. He is a Labrador mixed with something else, but we don’t know what because we got him from a shelter. When we got my dog, we were not prepared at all. That day we got him, we were supposed to just be looking, but instead we came home with a new puppy and not many supplies, of course we did end up getting everything. Since I have had my dog for so long, I really understand the pros and cons of having a dog. Like I said earlier, you are never home alone with a dog. Ever since I have been left home alone, I’ve always had Sammy with me. He follows me whenever I go when my parents are not home and I think he does that on purpose. It’s nice to have someone there when you’re alone. The other great thing about having a dog is that there is someone who will always greet you when you come home. Every time I come home from school, Sammy comes to say hi like he hasn’t seen me for days running like a klutz with his tongue hanging out flopping from side to side in the air. He does with everyone in my family. My dog is quite special when it comes to saying hello, he actually smiles. It looks like he is growling, but he’s not, believe me we have asked the doctors. When we first got him and he stared doing that, my mom was worried she thought he would hurt me or my brother, so she asked the doctor. The weird thing was whenever he was doing this, his tail would be wagging, so we were very confused. The doctor said she had only seen it once before. She said he was smiling and he has done it his whole life ever since and it’s something that everyone loves about him. Another thing about having a dog is they listen to everything you have to say. I’m pretty sure Sammy has listened to a lot of things from me because I have had him ever since I was in kindergarten, so I’m sure I would come home and just yap some random things to him. The best thing about having a dog is that they will love you know matter what. They don’t judge you or get angry for no reason, they still have the same love for you every day. Whenever I would get mad at my parents or my brother, I would go to Sammy for comfort. Also what’s really funny is no matter how mad I would get at Sammy, like if he ripped something of mine, he would always come by me and try to say sorry. Some of the negatives of having a dog is they are a lot of work, you have to clean them, take them to the doctor, and clean up after them, the worst part of it all. In the end I think it’s all worth it because you will have a best friend for life, no one ever forgets their dogs and all of their memories with them. All I can say is having Sammy has made my life so much better and there’s not a day where I can see my life without him.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my dog Sammy. He has been with my family for ten years and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. He fits in perfectly with the family.

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