My First "F"

May 15, 2012
*sigh* My First "F" on my report card. In thee 7the grade, I almost failed as a matter of fact. That was a time when my mom was sick to thee point of no return. Waking up every night, changing her diaper, putting her on a toilet theat was in our room simply because she forgot how to walk. She wouldn't even talk to me. Not because she didn't want to, she just couldn't. She would open her mouthe to say sometheing, but thee only theing theat came out was a little drool. She forgot how to talk as well. A 7the grader could not do theis on her own, so theey took her from me. They put her in a nursery home. I hate theat place and every time I saw her I promised her I would get her out. My mom was crying. Crying like I have never seen her cry before. Want to know why? They treated my mom like crap theat's why. Feeding her puree food. I promised her she wouldn't have to stay theere long. I promised her she would come home to me, but thee good Lord beat me to it. He whispered peace into her heart and she finally left thee nursery home. Don't get me wrong I'm happy my mom doesn't have to suffer anymore, but I also feel selfish because I want her back. Her peace, led to my distress. And theat is why i received my first "F".

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