Pewaukee Lake

May 15, 2012
By David Dulaney SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
David Dulaney SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The sun was coming through the clouds as we walked up to the beach. The sun peered down at us as the sun started to burn the sand – blazing like a bonfire. There was a light breeze to cool the sweat the sun had brought to the people of the beach. The water greeted us waiving, calling, hoping for us to join. Quickly, we dumped our belongings onto the sand and rushed to the water to cool our sweltering feet. My parent’s friends from college and their kids met us soon after we arrived.

Within minutes of everyone’s arrival, my friends were all working together to start what we call “water works”. We dug holes in the sand, constructed walls, and established canals in the sand. After the building process, we gathered buckets of water and filled our hole at the top of the inclined beach. Once it was full we broke the wall and let the water pour through all the canals until the water made its way back to the lake. Excitement filled us as we screamed “Go go go!” as we watched the water flow. A sense of accomplishment surrounded us as we watched our contraption escalate to success. As the holes caved in, walls crumbled, and canals broke apart, we began again on our next creation.

We were in the mitts of developing our next sand creation when our friend’s parents pulled up to launch their boat. They dropped their blue striped boat in the water at the bait shop down the road. The water reflected a blue glow onto the side of the boat. Each person in our group looked at each other in excitement. A total of eight people were allowed on the boat, so a couple of people had to be left behind. We argued who would go on the boat first to ride the inner tube as the boat zipped past the beach.

Three lucky kids got to ride the tube first. Our hearts began to race as my brother, Brad, and I mounted the inner tube. The inner tube was exhilarating and swift as it skipped on top of the water. Struggling to hold on, our knuckles turned white and we released screams of joy and terror as the driver turned and weaved through the water to throw us off. More terrifying then any part of the ride was the end. The driver, most likely being my dad, would turn hard and continue the turn until we had done a full circle. The force of the turn slid us towards the end of the inner tube. If a part of our body touched the water, the water would suck us off the tube. Only after the full circle turn is when we were able to relax. Relief passed over us as we survived the inner tube ride.

Meeting at Pewaukee Lake is a family tradition we follow every year. It sadly only lasts a few days. Before I was born, my parent’s college friends began this tradition. My brother and I grew up with their children and composed a friendship we will have for years to come. Even today I count the days until we all meet at Pewaukee Lake to play in the water, eat some lunch, and ride the inner tube until the sun decides the day is over.

The author's comments:
I love this lake. I came to this lake every year to celebrate the fourth of July with my family.

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