May 15, 2012
By Lauren Lindsey BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
Lauren Lindsey BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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Upon gazing at an Oreo I begin to feel all giddy inside. I start to think of the exciting journey I’m about to embark on. Before starting this adventure I must obtain the necessary supplies: milk, a glass, a plate, and of course, two glorious Oreos. There are three possible ways to proceed on with my journey. I could spin and lick, if I was looking to tire my tongue, but I always seem to drink more milk in this fashion. Milk is always great when eating an Oreo, but I do not want it to be the “star of the show,” that is reserved for the Oreos.

Then there is the old fashioned dip and bite. This seems to be a favorite among many, but not for me. Having braces makes this way a horrific site for those unlucky enough to be near me. The best, and in my opinion, the only way is to soak the cookie in milk. Some might argue that it is entirely too messy, but there is just something about the milk filled Oreo that makes me feel happy, much so that if I was to drop dead at this very moment it would be just fine as long as heaven was filled with Oreos. Could you imagine it, keep the streets of gold, of course, but make the clouds rain milk and the flowers bloom Oreos? Instead of having apple trees, Oreos the size of apples could be plucked, and on top of all this they would contain no calories!

But sadly, one can only dream. In reality, trying to eat only two Oreos is a feat only accomplished by those with strong will power. I, being the weaker of sorts, end up eating two…rows. Upon realizing what I have done, I run to the gym. I do not even want to think of how many calories I have consumed because, in reality, Oreos do have calories, 160 in two. Although I have to work out for a very long time and eat vegetables for the rest of the day, it is worth it to have those amazing cookies send me into an Oreo coma.

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