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May 14, 2012
By Sejeong BRONZE, Glen Allen, Virginia
Sejeong BRONZE, Glen Allen, Virginia
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Think about living in another country. You need to learn the new language, culture, and everything. Here is a fun story about dreaming when you live in a different place and speak different language.

I moved to America from South Korea. Of course, my English was as fluent as Korean. Leaving my dear country was somewhat bittersweet. I was excited but sad. I cried so much in front of my class and I did not want to leave my friends. With this ineffable feeling, I landed on the airplane.

I finally arrived at America. It was a long trip. It took me 16 hours to get Washington D.C. from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. I was so tired because of jet lag. My acquaintances welcomed my family and they took us to a nice Japanese restaurant. I ordered Tonkatsu and suddenly fell asleep. Nobody could wake me up. Nobody could interrupt my dream. In my dream, I met a woman who looked like a fox. My dad was playing a card game and she tried to fraud my dad by switching a card. It was unfair and I felt obliged to protect my family's property. I yelled at her to stop and she came to me with a scary face. Her face was so scary. It woke me up from my dream. I could not explain how horrible it was. I could not say anything. I suffered this kind of dream for one month since I moved to America. One day, my friends became green, slimy monsters and another day, one of my friends put a white snake in my hamburger. They were the most hateful dreams in my life.

The next dream stage was quite tearful. In my dream, I moved back to Korea and met my friends. I was so happy that I could meet them again and we had a great time together. I visited my locker and found lots of letters and gifts that my friends gave to me. However, I had to go back to America before 12 o'clock, because my mom made an airplane reservation. It was like Cinderella story with different settings. I wanted to read all the letters, but I couldn't. I hated my dreams. I had this kind of dream for another one month.

The third stage of my dream. As I mentioned before, my English was not as perfect as Korean language. Also, in my dreams before the third stage, I thought and spoke in Korean. However, after spending two months in America, I began to speak in English with perfect intonation and excellent fluency in my dream. I protected poor cats from a horrid animal trafficker and even made a speech in front of a crowd about how evil he was. But after my dream, I suddenly realized my English fluency. I feel frustrated.

After the third stage, your dream stage is over. You just dream whether in your native language or another language. To me, even though some of my dreams were disturbing, I can never forget this unique experience.

Here is my recommendation for you. Live in another country and speak another language. You will experience amazing dreams and eventually speak with great fluency in your dream after two or three months. Live, speak, and dream. You will find out the same dream pattern and it will be an UNFORGETTABLE moment in your life. It is definitely worth it.

The author's comments:
I want to share with my awesome dream experiences with other people and encourage them to live in a foreign country as an exchange student just like me! It will be hard and sometimes frustrating, but it is worth it!

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