May 13, 2012
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Laughter is my favorite sound. My laugh is the loud strange laugh that seems to make the people around me laugh harder or gets people to stare. It’s the laugh that has been described as a chipmunk or a squirrel laugh. It’s the laugh that everyone seems to love to mock. I usually yell that I am going to get a new laugh or even better, a silent laugh, but I wouldn’t change my laugh for anything.

My name to you is Caroline, but my true name is Gack. Gack a simple four-letter name that has so much meaning behind it. It’s the name my best friend gave to me in eighth grade to set me apart from the 4 other Carolines in our grade. It’s the name that soon everyone close to me started to call me. Gack is the name that is my new contact in many or maybe even all of my friends phones. It’s the time when you are chatting your best friend on facebook and she gets confused because she thinks your real name is Gack but on the screen it reads “Caroline."

My hair is the wild thing that sits on my head, and the hair that blows everywhere in the wind. The hair that every hair stylist says I have a lot of. The hair that sometimes I love and sometimes I hate. The hair that changes just like me, the hair that was straight when I was younger is now wavy and crazy. The hair that I always will love every strand of it because it is my crazy hair.

My home is the place where I want to be right now. The house with the once broken driveway and the red brick my parents couldn’t seem to match during the addition. The house that once had two different color walls, had up six different colors in one room, and had a purple banister that my parents made sure to change. The living room where it dropped a little from where you would enter and scared my grandparents and me every time we entered. The patio where we would run through the winter and snow to the warm hottub and then run back out to roll in the snow. The backyard, right next door to my friends, where we would sleep it a tent and call it camping over the summer. The house I walked through for the last time with tears streaming down my checks. The house that will always be called home.

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