Adventure Time with Laura and I

May 12, 2012
Today my best friend Laura and I decided to take an adventure before we start are English project. So we just felt like riding our bikes all the way down to the Cicero fields to see are friends play a soccer game against my boyfriends team. So Laura and I left the soccer fields because of this really stupid reason. So while we are riding our bikes up and down the road we decided to make a quick stop at McDonalds oh yum. When we get there we got a caramel sundae, so we sat next to the window because Laura was afraid her bike would get stolen. So our quick snack at McDonalds wasn’t all that quick we stayed there for about an hour. That hour consisted of us having quarter brawls and taking artsy pictures of each other. So finally we decided to leave that fast food dump. So we biked all the way to Laura’s house it’s was very tiring we had to go over the bridge and my daddy saw us while going to the bottle return place. So when we got to Laura’s house she got her laptop and played me a song on the guitar she’s really good at it if u ask me. So we were making one more stop and that was my house but, we kind of had a little accident. So Laura left her bike at her house and I have pegs on my bike so we decided that I would go on the pegs. So when we finally got on the main road Laura like lost control of the bike, and we both fell. Laura got a scratch on her chin but she didn’t worry about that she worried about how I was doing instead. So she got up and went over to me I was holding my arm because I hit my elbow really bad on the ground, and my head was kind of in the road so Laura went to get me. After we got up a nice lady came over to see if we were ok it was really nice of her to come over and check on us. So after we walked a little I took off my jacket and my elbow was all scraped up and my legs had a few scratches and so did Laura’s. So that’s the time I had a best friend to rely on when I was hurt and she’s a great one.

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