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May 11, 2012
By Tanner Ligon BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
Tanner Ligon BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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The most important thing in my life is my relationship with God. And the most amazing way for me to express my love for Him is through my music. I play guitar and bass, drum, and sing for the Lord. This is my calling in life, is to sing my love for God in front of millions of people of all ages. But as for right now, I’m fine with playing with my best friends in the Youth Group at my church. However, the enemy tries to bring me down every day, but God’s love never fails.

I first found out that I had a voice when my best friend, Tanner, invited me to church and I started singing during Praise and Worship. Later on, they let me play bass in the Youth Group. Mainly because their bass player was graduating and I was the only other person that knew how to play it. Then when the seniors graduated, they wanted me and Alyssa to step up and lead the band. Then we started to add more microphones so that others that wanted to join in could. We try our hardest to make our music sound great, and for the most part it does. But in the end it isn’t for us, it’s for God.

Ever since I started playing in this Youth Band I knew that this is what the Lord wanted me to do. And I enjoy it! So I talked to my Youth Pastor about it and he said, “Tanner I’m proud of you and you have such an anointing to lead Praise and Worship. But I’ll tell you now that life isn’t going to get easier. You have a HUGE target painted on your back and the enemy would want nothing more than to bring you down. And he targets musician leaders especially because he was a worshipper before he was cast to hell. But the Lord will watch over you and you will reach many people because of your music.” And ever since that night life has been tough. But I know that God is on my side and will protect me through anything.

God’s love is never failing. And what better way to show others His love and affection than through what you love to do?

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