The Oreo

May 11, 2012
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The Oreo is not just a cookie. It is a masterpiece that is one hundred years old. Every time I bite into an Oreo, it takes me back to my childhood of Oreos and milk. There are two different ways to eat an Oreo. One way is to split the chocolate halves, lick, and then dunk, or you can just dunk it in the milk and eat up. The Oreo is a cookie of choice, but one of the best choices you decided on was to eat an Oreo.

I personally love to split, lick, and dunk. It makes the cookie seem as though it lasts longer. You can also put all your cookies in your milk and crunch them up and eat them like a milkshake. Occasionally, I go that direction with my Oreos.

I’m sure the creator of the Oreo accidentally came upon this wonderful masterpiece. He was probably eating chocolate with milk and spilled cocoa with sugar in the mix to create the Oreo. My thank you goes out to Oreo’s creators. They will always be a friend of mine. The real genius was the person who decided to add the milk from the cow to an Oreo. People have some amazing ideas! It is crazy how it starts with a cow and cocoa and turns out to be an awesome creation, like the Oreo.

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