The Popular Girl

May 10, 2012
By daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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Once there was a girl that had always dreamed of being popular named Jennifer. Jennifer's mother and father were the most popular kids back in their High School years. Her parents expected that their daughter would obviously be popular but instead she was the gil that always was by her self. Jennifer was scared to talk to other people because she thought that the other students would make fun of he that's why she thought she was better by her self. Jennifer liked a guy named Justin the most popular football player on her school, Jennifer had tried to talk to him a couple of times, but of course Justin never paid he attention. Jennifer always walked with her head down all the times and she neverr bother to brush he hair or anything. One day she was sitting in the cafeteria by her self she notice how pretty the cheerleaders were and how Justin kept staring at them and trying to impress them, Jennifer imagine her self in the place of the cheerleaders of course it was a dumb idea but not impossible she thought.

That evening she asked he mom if she could go with her to the beauty salon, her mom was really surprised but happy at the same time and told her that it was a wonderful idea. Every one in the beauty salon knew Jennifer's mom because she usually goes there very often. Rosiea worker on the beauty salon asked Jennifer if she needed something but Jennifer just said that she was with her mom and she just wanted to see but in that very moment Jennifer's mother turned around and told Rosie if she could fix up Jennifer, but Jennifer wasn't to sure if she wanted to do it but how bad could it be so she agreed. When they finished Jennifer looked at her in a mirror she couldn't believe what she saw. The next day Jennifer's mom drop her off in school, the very moment Jennifer got off the car every body was staring at her even Justin, she thought that it was just her imagination but he was actually smiling at her. It was lunch time and the popular crowd asked her to sit with them Jennifer wasn't to sure but she agreed, they asked if she was new to the school because they had neverr seen her around. Jennifer notice what a bunch of jerks the popular crowd were she saw how they made fun of the other students and how all talked behind their backs of the other students she notice that when other students passed by most of them putted their heads down she saw her self in those kids. That day she went back home and changed herself in her old look, she was more confident now and she knew that it was better to be alone for the rest of your life than with bad company for one minute.

The author's comments:
never think that you are better than somebody else

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