Birthday Memory

May 10, 2012
My most memorable birthday was when I was turning four and my really close friends almost considered family was there and the gifts were Godzilla underwear, Veggie Tales movie, action figures, and a few other things I can’t remember, probably because the others I enjoyed the most. Very joyful and fun loved those days and the next day going to work with my mom at the Bear’s Den and everyone she told obviously kept asking how old I was and I had a little trouble holding up four on my fingers relative to now. The birthday was at the Bear’s Den club house, which is where I spent most of my time at that age. I played pool a lot at the clubhouse and hung out there at the Bear’s Den, so it was a great place for my birthday. Everybody being so young and now looking at them now it’s amazing and also watching myself grow and the phases I went through, such as playing with hot wheels and building things all the time with Legos and Lincoln logs, but now I never do those things. With each birthday comes growth and change.

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