An Evaluation of Human Sense Responses to the Mango

May 10, 2012
By hcplalala BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
hcplalala BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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The five human senses sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing- are observation tools of the human body use to monitor the response of outside stimuli. When presented with a mango, each of the five senses delightfully responds in an affirmative manner. This tree grown humble member of the fruit family transforms itself to a flavor explosion from the time the human eyes first spot the organic gift.
At first sight the small, ovate fruit immediately beckons one with its aesthetical hue. The outermost, thin layer radiates with various shades of greens and yellows. When exposed, the core of the fruit bursts forward with a beautiful Caribbean sunset. When touched, the leathery, smooth skin perfectly balances compressibility with firmness. The eco-friendly item does not require refrigeration. Upon holding in the small of a hand, its temperature reminds one of the air on a tropical island. When one inhales the fragrance of the mango, receptors in the nose smile. Hearing the fall of a mongo off the mango, followed by the pitter patter of it rolling down the hill, placing itself right in front of you, inviting you to pick up what nature has placed right in front of you. The first bite into the mango is taste bud bliss. Together the totality creates the ultimate sensory experience.

The author's comments:
I was eating a mango and it just came to me.

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