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Stream of Consciousness

May 8, 2012
By samstreitman BRONZE, New City, New York
samstreitman BRONZE, New City, New York
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Honestly, why do I need to know this? Does it really matter why World War I started? I would much rather be downstairs working on my Art project. I really need to get it done. M-A-I-N, M-A-I-N! We get it SHUT UP ALREADY! Nobody cares about this stuff anyway. I’m not even halfway done and it’s due Thursday! It’s kind of funny how teachers decide to make everything due on the same day. It’s the last week before the quarter ends, so why not pile on the work? They probably all talk to each other and decide to make every test on Thursday so all the students will fail. Then they make sure to have a MANDATORY National Honor Society meeting on Wednesday so students can’t even go to extra help. I swear, everyone wants to make sure that your high school life is a living hell. They must know that, on top of all the work they pile on, I actually have a life! Sometimes. Not tonight, though. I have to tutor at three and work from five to 11. So tonight will be another late night, like always. I just won’t sleep. I don’t need sleep anyway. “What year did the U.S. join the war?” F***, I don’t know! “Um… 1917?” “Were you paying attention?” Obviously I wasn’t paying attention, that’s why you called on me! “Of course I was!” Teachers must want to embarrass their students; they always call on you when they know you have no idea what the answer is. Maybe I will just skip Spanish next period, and then I can go to Art. No, I can’t do that. They will call home and say, “Your daughter has missed periods (long pause) seven.” I don’t even know how to skip class; I probably wouldn’t be good at it. I’ll just go to Spanish, then to the MANDATORY National Honor Society meeting, Art extra help, go home, tutor, shower, work, start my homework, and then get to sleep by, three? I guess I can just skip lunch. And dinner. S***! I forgot about Yearbook. So, meeting, Art, Yearbook, tutor, shower, work... I should probably write this down somewhere. That will leave about three hours to sleep. Who needs sleep anyway? My mom yells at me when she can’t get me up in the morning; she thinks I need to sleep more. She always yells at me for staying up! It’s not like I’m watching movies. I need to do my homework. What does she not understand? I just tell her I’m Superwoman. I run on coffee and sugar. If I didn’t need to sleep there would be so much more time. I would never be stressed out. “DING!” S*** okay, so now what? Where do I go? “Hey Sammi!” “Hi” Spanish, meeting, Art, Yearbook, tutor... “Guess what!” shower, work, shower… “SAM!” shower, homework…Vampire Diaries! I knew I forgot something. I’ll record it and just watch after my homework. I might as well just stay up at this point. At least I’ll be over tired and maybe stay awake in class. “What is wrong with you?” Breathe. It’s fine. You’ll get it all done. Breathe. It will be okay. You have all night. “Nothing, wait what? What did you ask me?”

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