Friends Forever

May 7, 2012
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Friendship is one of the most important things that everybody must have in their lives in order to have a happy life.
Rosa was a very popular girl in her High School she had a lot of friends but she didn’t talked no more to her best friend Ana, both had been friends since Elementary school but since Rosa was now popular and Ana wasn't. Ana and Rosa didn't talk anymore the both hang out with their own individual group of friends. One day Ana and Rosa bump into each other outside of the cafeteria, Rosa ignored Ana and just walked away. One month later Ana notice that almost nobody talked to Rosa anymore each day less and less people talked to her, Ana wondered why was that happening since Rosa was one of the most popular girls in her High School but then rumors started spreading that Rosa was pregnant and Ana notice how nobody wanted to talk to her because now she was bad influence for them and they saw her with bad intentions. Ana notice that now Rosa walked with her head down all the time and by her self. Ana got the courage to go and talked to Rosa. Rosa was very shocked that she asked Ana why was she doing that since she had always been really mean at Ana and always ignored her but Ana told her that that was what real friends do they stay together in the ups and downs Rosa was very glad that Ana had told her that. From now on Ana and Rosa were the best friends anybody could hope for.

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