The BIrthday

May 7, 2012
By Steffenson BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
Steffenson BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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As you get older you look forward to your birthdays, not like when you were little and looked forward to the parties, but you look forward to them because they mean big things. Like when your 15 ½, you get your permit. When you’re 16, you get your license. When you turn 18, your legal, and at 21 you can drink. So as you get older you look forward to the number that is going to change, not generally the birthday party. But when you turn 16, everyone looks forward to the party and the number. It’s known best as the sweet 16. One birthday party that sticks out to me is my 16th birthday party.
One reason my 16th birthday sticks out to me is because it was a surprise party. My mom and dad rented this place for it. It wasn’t very big but it didn’t need to be. They kept it a secret for a while until someone spilled the beans to me. When I found out, it was only a week away, so they did a pretty good job of keeping it a secret. One of my friends finally told me. My brother was celebrating his birthday too. He was turning 18. He still didn’t know about it though. I was so excited to go. My dad and my brother’s girlfriend’s dad took us out to eat right before the party. My brother was still so clueless. We arrived and everyone went crazy. It was awesome. He was very surprised, and I was surprised by the turn out. It was great.
Another reason why it was the best birthday was the presents. My relatives were there, so I got money, cards, more money and then it was my parents’ turn to give us our presents. They gave us these little toy trucks and in the back of the trucks was a set of keys for the both of us. It was two real trucks for me and my brother. He already had one, so he got one for college. I got a 1999 ford ranger manual. It is a good truck, and I was so excited to get it. There was another great present. I got to slow dance with the best looking girl at the party. That was defiantly a big plus.
That was my favorite birthday memory because I was old enough to drive, got a truck, and got to dance with an older, very good looking lady. That is why this was my favorite birthday party. As long as I was with my family and friends, it didn’t matter what I got. It was a very good time.

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