What I Found in the Treasure Box

May 6, 2012
By Devicorn BRONZE, Long Beach, California
Devicorn BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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Over the last couple months I’ve been on a journey to find a treasure and that lost treasure was me. I lost my treasure in the lost caverns of despair. It was a daily battle to find this so called prize.Sometimes that treasure i wanted was just worthless and it had no relevancy to anything…It was a burden to my soul. My goal was to find that treasure and destroy it. But instead of finding the treasure i was beaten to it by generous pirates. Pirates are the people who go to many lengths to find the value in what the find they are the original scavengers. Those generous pirates showed me that the treasure is not worthless its something that is one of a kind and something that cannot be duplicated. The generous pirate showed me that no matter what the treasure looked like it is indeed on of a kind and cannot be duplicated. There is a reason why they wanted to find that treasure because there was some spark in what they seen or heard. Essentially these generous pirates taught me that there is always a spark in anyone treasure and that treasure is you, me, and them. We as people need to learn that are most prized possession among anything else is ourselves;and we are treasured.

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