May 5, 2012
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Yesterday was suppose to be a good day but it turned into the worst night possible. This guy who I like (I can not say his name but my friends and I call him Noah) was also going to the eighth grade dinner dance and his table was put right next to mine. It was my friends Haley, Maddie, Lanie, Marissa, and I. To my left was Marissa and to my right was (in this order) was Maddie, Haley, and Lanie. When i looked over to talk to Marissa I caught out of the corner of my eye Noah looking over my way, at the time I thought nothing of it until I saw it happen again. That is when I turned to Maddie and said "is it me or is Noah looking over this way"
As she looked over she said "yeah I think he is and yeah he just did it again"
I couldn't believe he was looking over here because he said he did not like me when I admitted that I liked him. So the night went on and he kept looking over so I told Maddie to go ask him to stop but when she did he denied it completely. Haley and I saw him later that night and confronted him calling him a liar because almost everyone at out table saw it at least once or twice during our meal.
After the dance Maddie, Lanie, Haley, and I went back to Maddie's house for a bonfire and to have some left-over pizza. So I grabbed my phone and sent Noah a text asking why he kept looking over but when he responded to me he once again denied it and said he did not care because I was not pretty enough for him and that he did not want to speak to me again and to stop texting him.
I remember being upset and angry because he denied it and I had several people who could say they say what had happened that night. Today I woke up and I was miserable, I didnt want to eat or did not want to do anything. I kept seeing couples on television, or heard music about romance. I was very tempted to text him to say that I was sorry and that I was not going to be bothering him again. I finally got the courage to do this and I have not gotten a response yet. As of now i have given up on trying to impress a guy because I just get burned ever time.

I hope that you feel my pain when you read this because this was the only way I could let my anger out. Noah, if you happen to read this I hope you know what you are missing. I may not be beautiful on the outside like you want but their is so much of my underneath the surface.

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