Real or Fake?

May 3, 2012
By sysamiha BRONZE, Queens, New York
sysamiha BRONZE, Queens, New York
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Only thing I need in my life is YOU. I wanna be the only girl in your life as well.

I opened her yahoo ID after a long time. I saw many offline messages. First, I started to read Humna’s message. Humna wrote many funny and flirty lines pretending that if she were born as a boy, how her character would be. I replied “much better than you real girly behavior.” We started to make jokes and having fun. After some whiles Humna said, Salsa, why don’t u make one Yahoo! ID called “love.armaan”? You will chat with me from there and I’ll click pictures of our conversation. After that day, we will show off this to Malik and pretend that I got a bf and can live without him.”

Me and Humna were two teenagers crazy in love with two boys from their school. Humna used a love a boy name Malik. We thought Malik will feel jealous if he sees Humna with another boy. As Humna said to me to create one yahoo ID in that fake name, and I did so. I was suppose to create and send fake conversation , but problem started when I was getting bored with email id. So I suggested Humna to think something creative and more interesting. I also told Humna to create a facebook account. One day we went to the library and did the same exact thing we thought. We made a fake account in facebook and also updated fake information. They create a profile called ‘Abhi Chowdhury” They put he went to “Manhattan Hunter/science high school” and now studying in Hunter College. They add many people from India in that profile. Everyone trusted Abhi Chowdhury but many people also wanted to see their pictures. Me and Humna made a new plan. We updated the relationship status which was “Abhi is in a relationship with Humna”. News spread into whole 801 class . Humna’s other friends were very angry with her because she didn’t tell anyone about her love story. Humna cried a lot whole day and said sorry to them .I was angry with her because we both knew everything is happening is made by us then why is she crying? She decided to the truth to everyone about Abhi Chowdhury. I said no , because I thought it will cause more problems. No one will trust us anymore. They shared their story to their friend Tohora who is also in love with another boy name Sonal from our school. Then I planned to make 2 more facebook account suggested by friends. Those 2 fb accounts will be Abhi’s brothers Ashin and Aanan. They will be Abhi’s younger brothers. Ashin is in first year in a Baruch College and Aanan still goes in Manhattan Hunter/science High school. We were having fun and had no simple idea that it can cause more problems in the future. They also made such a good story and told everyone in the school. The story was --- “ Abhi was Salsa’s friend. Their friendship started from Yahoo mail. They were very good friend. Salsa also knew their brothers Ashin and Aanan. They were also Salsa’s good friends. Salsa is very good in making friends. One day, Ashin propose Salsa but she didn’t accept because she likes someone else. After that Ashin stopped chatting with Salsa and he also didn’t come online in yahoo for a long time. One day Abhi asked salsa that who is ur best friend? Salsa said “humna , nispa, tohora, tasnia….” Abhi stopped her. He said “humna” …nice name…very uncommon. Salsa said yeah she is from Pakistan.Very good girl. Abhi said does she has yahoo id? Salsa gave it to him. Then they became very good friends group.Tohora also joined them. They had so much fun time together. After some days Tohora found out that Aanan loves her. And Aanan disclose that Abhi loves Humna, this thing salsa also knew. Salsa told abhi to open fb bacause she likes it more than yahoo. And Abhi did so. Salsa told Abhi to open two more for Ashin and Aanan. And they did it. Their friendship again started.” Fake story but everyone believed us. Everything was ok but problem started when one day Tohora and I updated our relationship status as well. News spread faster than air! Everybody in the school got to know about those 3 A’s or 3 Chowdhury’s. Everybody congratulate them and even they wants to meet with 3A’s. But Me, humna, mela tried a lot to managed everything but problem became more. Three girls thought everybody will forget their 3 A’s one day but nothing changed. Some other girls started to inbox Abhi , Ashin and Aanan that they want to meet asap. 3 of us were really scared. They met in the library to discuss about this topic but no solution came……..Time was running and running but no idea came out…………We decided to deactivate those accounts but we have to face many questions from others….what should we do?

**** Our goal was to make those 3 boys jealous. But we forgot that they don’t even love us, how can they become jealous if we hang out with another boys? We graduated from the middle school and destiny made us separate from each other. I am in the same school with Tohora but Humna is not with us anymore. Humna and Malik goes to the same school but they don’t talk with each other anymore. Situation changed, schedule changed, life has changed but no one forgot their first love and friendship….Hats off to our immature brainand crazy behavior.****

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Start>>Internet>>Google Chrome>> Google>> Yahoo>> Mail>> Username+Password=Sign In >> Welcome to yahoo! mail Salsabil………

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babs123 said...
on Jun. 10 2012 at 6:29 am
babs123, Dhaka, Other
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Not everyone has courage to share their secrets like this...good job.


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