Six word Story, all about camping

May 3, 2012
By Patrickjf BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Patrickjf BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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I wake up inside the tent
There is no way I’m moving
What is that I smell? BREAKFAST!?
Shirt on, shoes on, go outside
Oops, I forgot about my pants
Pants on, okay, now I’m ready
walk outside, where am I?
Everything was pitch black last night.
Now for a traditional camp meal
Eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, orange juice
I’m full. Not feeling like canoeing today
It’s too bad I have to
Step in canoe, almost fall in
Find my equilibrium, alright, let’s go
Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, scratch, thump.
If only the water was higher
Step out, get wet, pull canoe
Get back in, water floods floor
Paddle, paddle, paddle, scratch, not again
I sense a long day ahead...
Finally back at the camp site
It was a mere eight miles
It wouldn’t have been so bad
However it rained, very, very, hard
I just want to dry off
Change clothes, lay down, take nap
Wake up, it’s 5pm, almost dinner
Shirt on, shoes on, walk outside
And once again, I forgot pants
Pants on, stomach rumbles, NEED FOOD
Chicken, salad, Hawaiian bread, spaghetti, gatorade
Dinner of champions, I’m full... again
It’s getting cold, hide inside tent
I slowly fall asleep in peace
Wake up, but wait! it’s dark?
And wet... it’s very very wet
It’s hard to fall asleep again
I hate camping, but I don’t
I love it, many don’t understand
Heck, I don’t even understand it
Camping is a passion of mine
If you don’t understand, GO CAMPING

The author's comments:
i am a boy scout and i camp often and this is a taste of my many experiences.

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