From Queen to Peasant

April 30, 2012

Buzz! Going around being “Queen Bee” seemed to have that sweet honey sensation to it. Everyone idolized you, followed you, and popularity made it all seem worth while…even if you had to sting a couple people in the process. Sitting in the throne of bullying being that Queen Bee didn’t seem so bad until the ones that I bullied, revolted against me. Then did I realize that I broke many friendships over nonsense things such as bad fashion choices and not-that-big-of-a-deal “embarrassing” situations. The people I teased learned to stand up against me and that was when the roles were switched. I was the kid who was made fun of and whose insecurities were under a microscope that everyone had access to. The inevitable came when those days of sitting alone at lunch, no invitations to parties, and exchanges of those super hip friendship bracelets, all became a daily routine. I told myself that I deserved it, that I deserved all the hate. I kept the secret going on from teachers and my parents until the not-so-secret IM groups started. I found out that people in my class made an instant messenger group and on it they gossiped on it, discussed my bad-hair-days, or how fun it is to see me alone. After the isolation at school, the teasing, and name calling routine, I would come home crying to my mom. Even my classmates parents would gossip and talk about me and my mom. For awhile I wanted to move schools, and after telling my mom everything, she seemed okay with the idea. Before we came to a decision my mom said, “Adre, are you really sure you want to move schools? Doing this proves to them that they win, that they get what they want.” After my mom told me that it hit me, they can’t win, I won’t allow it. I’m strong and their words cannot push me down, it did at one time, but all I could think about was how to get even. From being the bully to being the one who was bullied, I learned that getting even wasn’t going to be through an even plan of revenge. Getting even means proving that you can take the high road and be better. I changed my ways and made new friends, outside my school. I made friends that were supportive and easy to trust. I talked to teachers who helped me put aside my anger and move that energy towards academic goals I never thought I could achieve. Talking to my parents was the best decision I ever made because I learned that I could talk to them about anything and from then on our relationship deepened. Yes, the whole being bullied situation hurt on and on but from that I put my focus on school and received valedictorian, learned to be strong, and I have the drive to help those who are too scared to stand up for themselves against bullying.

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