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April 26, 2012
By KaraCurry BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
KaraCurry BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
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Walking in to 9th grade I didn’t know what to expect, not knowing where anything is or not know any of the teachers was a struggle for me. I just met my homeroom teacher/ English teacher she seemed like a teacher that would be able to help me through the year in English. But knowing that my next period class would be Math scared me a little bit. Not knowing what I would be learning or who would be in my class or how well the teacher taught until I got into the class then I felt relieved. As soon as she called “attention on deck” with a smile on her face, I knew that I would be respected and have good time learning.

Mrs.Pisani is a hard teacher, no doubt, and her class requires a lot of work. But all that work paid off because it helped me set a good foundation and work ethic, and she always has a great attitude towards teaching us new things every class. She always made us show all our work, really paid off in the long run. As you go to back to revisit the question andunderstandding what we did to find the answer. Even if we needed help on something we had already learned she was willing to help you figure out the problem with a smile on her face. As I almost give up because I don’tunderstand something she was there helping me through it and encouraging me.

She always gets our brains working in a fun way. One day she is writing problems on the board and the next class we are up walking around the classroom working on problems that are on the walls of the class room. Or maybe we are playing the game M-A-T-H-O, which is a run game that would make us want to do our work just to try to win candy. She always helps me be ready to learn something new. She is always giving out stars to the kids that get an ‘A’ on a test to encourage others to do their best on the test. She also allows us to work with others throughout our class to be able to help others that may notunderstandd something that you might know. She gives homework but it’s for your benefit, she also doesn’t give you tons of homework, she gives you time at the end of class to maybe start your homework and ask any questions you may have.

What Mrs. Pisani has taught me then has influenced me. It had taught me to never let myself give up on something that may be a little challenging and to try my very hardest no matter what it may be. I have figured out that everything you do you have to put everything you have into or at least try to. Now that I know that she is willing to help me with any questions, I have or even help me with my homework that I can ask and I’m not afraid to. She is willing to help every students with anything she had set time aside after school to help students. She has taught clearly so that I am able tounderstandd what she is teaching. She explains things in a visual way and a speaking way so any student is able tounderstandd.

This had been one of the easiest years I have had so far in math, I may struggle with something’s that Mrs.Pisani taught but she has helped me so much this past year. It may seem hard at first to learn everything but once you get into the lesson and really start to learn, it seems easy and fun to learn, and once you get to know your classmates then it will be easier to ask for help from any of them. It is a great feeling you have when you know your teachers care about you and want you to succeed and get good grades.

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