Life as a Rollercoaster

April 26, 2012
By Anonymous

As I sit here and type to all my writers, I can't tell you of what has happened. I don't know what will happen, where will I sleep tonight, what I will eat, or what will happen to the relationship with my mother and I. Every second goes by and I realize that every second that goes by is a lot closer to when the time comes to see my future. My mom and I don't usually get along, but who doesn't have an argument here and there right? Well this is different because how could a workaholic and a lazy teen get along. My mother and I have been arguing all week and today was the day that she wanted me out of her life she said, out of her house she said, and she told me that she was going to get papers to legally kick me out of the house. She told me to find somewhere to sleep and i have no where to go. These last couple of months have also been the time that out of know where my friends have started ignoring me so of course you can figure This could be the first time I would sleep on the streets. This is the loneliest and lost feeling I have ever have. No friends, no mother, and no father. when I say life as a roller coaster I mean that when you first step onto it you don't know whats going to happen, how long will it be, or when will it stop. Eventually it will end tho. That is how life is. For me as I type in front of my computer, I to am experiencing life as a roller coaster...

The author's comments:
something happening now.

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