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The Man You Never Knew

April 25, 2012
By FreeLOTR SILVER, Aurora, Indiana
FreeLOTR SILVER, Aurora, Indiana
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"The biggest thing that man desires is power." -J.R.R. Tolkien.

There I was, sitting there again, watching that man you never knew. I was at my library on a Monday morning, waiting for my time with my tutor after my older brother, John. During my home schooled day, I came to the library every Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 in the morning, and each time, there was hat man you never knew, walking through the history section's isles, talking to himself, expressions crossing his face that were only locked away in his mind and his secret world that no one would ever see.

For months, I watched him. Then, in December, my tooter and I switched to the other side of the library for tottering. I started seeing him there to. For some reason, he started hanging around the part of the library I was always in, as if he was trying to stay close by me.

I watched him over my Algebra. I observed each move he made and got distracted from my math. Then, I when my tooter and I finally worked on my pride and passion, writing, I worked hard and thought greatly of my made-up sci-fi creatures I turned into a story. But, I kept on wondering away, as if there was something pulling me by some outside power.

Still, now, each Monday and Wednesday, I watch the man you never knew as he drinks two energy drinks, Monster and Redbull, and a large coffee from Dunkin Donuts, all in my forty-five minute time with my tutor. He reads the newspaper and comments to himself on everything, sometimes laughing so hard it makes my heart leap, other times arguing with it, flicking his fingers at the page, or occasionally sadness will cross his face that no one else notices.

I don't know if my tutor, or my brother John, or anyone else for that matter ever notices. And, even if they did, they probably immediately put up brick walls and shut themselves out. But, I think sometimes there are people who have conquered their brick walls, and they really see that person; that man you never knew.

We will never be able to get into their heads; we can try all we want, but we will never really know. And, those are the people that are missed so much. Those are the people that so many others want to have nothing to do with. We never try to break our walls down and look beyond whats on the outside. We will never be able to really understand what brings their emotions to the top; to the point where they just don't care what other people think. To the point, where they have built a little silent empire inside of their minds.

No one will ever know. Not you or me. He will always remain the man you never knew.

The author's comments:
This is a true story about a real man at my library from my eyes.

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