April 24, 2012
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Today, since I can't seem to sleep, I would like to talk about a recent experience I had with a beast of the air, a duck. Now, some of you know the details of this story and if you don't I'm sorry, I don't feel like typing it all out. Let me go ahead and let you get your laughs out, yes I did get into a confrontation with a wild animal, but Ducks are very aggressive creatures. Apparently ,these days, you can't be nice to wildlife, especially the white ducks at Luther Britt Park. One duck, in particular, tried to attack little "ole" innocent me, when I was simply trying to feed its probably starving little duck belly. Well, never again!!!!! I took another trip out to Luther Britt Park this past Wednesday, with my younger brother, when I saw that flying baboon in the middle of the lake. Now, as a side point, it should be noted that I'm normally what could be considered an animal activist, but this particular day was different, it was time for payback, no revenge! I saw some rocks near the edge of the water -note I never intended to hurt the poor thing but to simply startle it- and I began throwing them as hard as I could, but my weak right arm didn't deliver the rock all the way to the wretched beast. Plus, I've never had much of an aim anyway. So I left the duck . While there at the park a few other ducks approached me and were very "civilized" when they found out I had no food and went happily on their way. Why can't all animals be like that? So, if I just happen to see a white duck walking across the street as I am driving, I'm not saying that I might or might not happen to press the gas pedal a little bit harder, but my view of wildlife - at least when it comes to ducks- has changed forever.

Until my next unfortunate event.

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