Picture Perfect

April 22, 2012
What do you visualize when you hear the word beauty? A Place? A work of art? The first thing that comes to my mind is nature. To me, beauty is something powerful and pure that sends a tingle throughout your entire body. Beauty is something that you not only see, but feel. The very second that I saw the ocean I felt that I was witnessing true beauty.
Seeing the ocean was number one on my bucket list. The second I arrived at Jacksonville Beach, I was mesmerized. It was a gorgeous day. I quickly stripped off my socks and shoes and sprinted to the water’s edge. The cream colored sand felt soft and cool between my toes. Once I reached the water, I stopped. Staring out across the water, the ocean looked endless. It was the most dazzling bright blue color that I had ever seen. I tilted my head upward toward the cloudless sky. It too, was a stunning shade of light blue. A cool breeze swept over my body, but the gleaming sun warmed my face and relaxed me. The air was refreshing, though it smelled of the salt off the water. I could hear the rhythmic pounding of the waves as they collided with the rocks that were imbedded in the shallow water. I turned my head and looked down the beach. Tall buildings and souvenir shops lined the shore. I looked ahead at the sparkling water and anxiously stepped in. The water was icy. In only a few short minutes, my feet were freezing and numb. I quickly stepped out of the frigid water and back onto the soft sand. I slowly began my walk along the beach. I could feel the ocean’s power as the waves crashed ashore. The snow- white foam that blossomed from the thundering surge, wrapped itself around my ankles. In the distance I could see a white fishing boat. It was small. Long, gray nets hung from numerous tall poles that were placed evenly around the boat. It was moving slowly along the horizon. A flock of beautiful white and gray seagulls were chasing it. As I was leaving, I gathered shells that the waves had washed onto the spongy, salt covered sand. I held the largest shell I found to my ear. Though the sound was faint, I heard the echo of the rolling waves. I took one last look around. I never wanted to leave. The ocean is truly a vision of beauty that encircles the sky, the air, and the sun. It holds the power and energy of the universe. This is my definition of beauty.
Beauty can be seen all around us. For me, the true meaning of beauty not only comes from seeing, but feeling as well. I can still close my eyes and imagine the soft breeze of the ocean on my skin. I can feel the power and energy of the waves colliding with the shore. The ocean is my idea of what heaven on Earth might be like.

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