Harsh Bullying

April 17, 2012
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In the U.S. on any normal school day, three of every ten children are involved in some sort of bullying incident. The students may be the ones causing it, witnessing it, or actually being the victim of the bully. From as young as 5, kids are worried about being socially accepted. They are presented with a choice; be the bully or be bullied.

There was an incident in my school not to long ago. There was a girl, whose name I will not mention, that had a very terrible thing happen to her in school. Everyone surrounded her and she had to be taken out of the cafeteria in a wheel chair, everyone was very upset. One of her very good friends, whose name I will not mention either, might have been a little jealous that her friend was getting so much attention so she decided to say things to her face. The jealous girl would send her “friend” nasty text messages almost everyday saying things such as, “God doesn't love you because if he did that incident during lunch (that I mentioned earlier) wouldn't of happened” and “You're such a w***e.” Not very nice things right? The girl went to the guidance a couple of times but nothing ever happened to the bully. So the girl who was being bullied has a boyfriend who decided to stick up for the girl he loves. He ended up writing a rap about the bully. Someone from the school must have heard about it and he was suspended for 10 days, yet the person who was actually doing the bullying was still walking around school. So the girl who was being bullied actually went to the police, I don't know exactly what happened after that but now the issue seems to be resolved.

I'm not saying that the administration necessarily did anything wrong while taking care of the situation because I don't know what they had to say about it but the girl who was being bullied saved all of the text messages sent from the bully, now that seems like enough evidence to me for at least a 4 day suspension. I give a lot of credit to the girl who was being bullied because she never stooped to the bully's level and said bad things to her. Bullying in school is a hard thing to control I know, but as long as the school at least tries to help, the situation might get just a little bit better.

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