my letter to ghana

April 17, 2012
People don’t write letters to each other as often as they used to because now we have phones, computers and better technology. Instead of writing the letter they mail it on their computer, they call, they text and more. So when I got the opportunity to write a letter to people across the world I thought it was really cool.

In my L.A. class we have been studying human rights. We decided to compare our thoughts on human rights to those in Ghana, and to do so our teacher had gotten together with Miss.Phythian who is the global connections liaison for our school district. They got together with a teacher at one of the schools in Ghana. His name was Emanuel. We emailed him and called him. We even skyped him which was also really cool, but the coolest thing to me is getting to write them a letter.

One day in class my teacher, Mrs.Honeyman, told us to get with a partner and write a letter to the students in Ghana We had to tell a lot about ourselves. I said my name things about my family, what I love to do, and my favorite part of this experience with Ghana.

Before this whole experience if someone had said the word Ghana to me I would think it was just a word. I wouldn’t think of all the people in Ghana and the people in that community. The fact that I know someone and can call someone in Ghana may be the magic of it all. I have the opportunity to write a letter to someone in Ghana, I even have the opportunity to meet them this coming Thursday. Not many people even know someone in Ghana, but I do. I get to meet someone in Ghana, I skype them, my teachers call them, and I get to write them. You could say this is a really cool experience and I’m lucky to experience it.

The idea of writing a letter to someone half way around the world was really cool to me. I can’t wait to get their letter as well. I’m excited to hear their answers and what they have to say. I have really enjoyed getting to study with Ghana and write a letter to them. That one letter has changed my perspective on how I view others and their life styles in a big way.

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