For You I Will

April 13, 2012
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Sitting at home on the couch alone, playing music on my laptop, and the relaxing sound of rain outside, I hear the front door open, I knew it was my mom. She came home from dropping my sister off at dance. BOOM! Right before my eyes we’re sitting in the dark. I ran to the window to see what happened, it was now pouring hard with heavy thick winds. As my mom and I watched all the small trees and a nice sized tree crash to the ground from the wind. wasn't’t sure if I even felt safe looking out the window. Startling me, my mom said,“Go get ready for your solo, I will call your dad to warn him about the weather.” So I walked to my room using my phone and iPod as a light to get where and what I needed, and when I came back out all I heard was, “Oh my God!”

As we went to pick up my sister I saw the whole effect. With a little rain it was just amazing what the wind could do. The nice giant oak tree next to our house was now half there, and half on our neighbor’s backyard. When we got to the dance studio, Joseph, Catlin, Lauren, and Miss Katelyn were all waiting with the little girls and 2 boys. Once we got my sister, we went to talk to Miss Katelyn and Joseph to see if I would be able to learn my solo or not. Sadly since there was no power, Joseph wasn’t able to. After that we left to go to the house, a little bummed about not being able to learn my solo I asked if we could stay at my grandparent’s house because they had power, and both of my parents said yes. Spending 2 whole days without dance seemed like FOREVER until I could learn my solo.

Finally, today was the day I learned it. Walking in the studio made me even more nervous than I thought I was, I started realizing I had no idea what style, song, or moves would be in my solo, all I knew was what he looked like tall, tan, skinny, energetic, and always wears sweat pants and a tee shirt when he teachees.
“OK 5,6,7,8.,” “BOOM dah CLICK,” “Gaga!,” and “Airplane” were on reply from his mouth. After 3 hours of learning the dance, I LOVED IT! We invited my mom, sister, and Miss Katelyn to watch me perform it. I swear my mom was almost in tears and Miss Katelyn said she was amazed and that I looked like Jesse(an amazing dancer ) when she had her first solo. Right before we left we found out Joseph was leaving for Chicago tomorrow and he won’t be back till the end of summer but I should practice everyday! As I said goodbye for what I thought would only be a little while turned out to be a whole month and 13 days! So I practiced and practiced over and over till August 21st, the day I learned my solo again.

3 hours of choreography can fly right on by. It was finally time to show my mom, sister, Miss Katelyn, and Alexa(another soloist) my solo. As I rushed at the end, I felt my legs were going to fall off like all the sweat dripping down my body I was done. Everyone who watched me LOVED it, almost as much as me! Once we left to let Alexa start, I started begging my mom to go and get milkshakes or anything cold since it was 90 degrees, and luckily we got some! Sipping a nice cold chocolate milkshake is just what I needed to end the day. :0)

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