the hectic day

April 12, 2012
By siharaj BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
siharaj BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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It was a hot day I was 5 years old and I had a lot of energy so I asked my mom “can I go outside and play.“ She said yes so it went outside to play I was really bored so is started to spin around in circles. Then wham I twirled into a metal pole I fell and got back up and said ”ow that hurt” then I started to laugh. Then I heard a car pull up and it was my cousins and my aunt. My cousin asked could he go out side and play with me his mom said no so we all went inside to play in my room.

I went on my bed first then my cousin Sammy then my other cousin named tony. They got into a fight so I went off the bed. Tony got really mad so he kicked Sammy in the face and Sammy flew back and he hit his head on the shelf that was connected to my headboard. So I told my aunt what happened and she was like “what happened in here. She looked at Sammy’s head and she noticed blood. So they called the ambulance once the ambulance came to our house they checked out his head and said yeah it cracked pretty good we are going to need to take Sammy to the hospital. It ends up when they get into the emergency room they put him in surgery he had to get 15 staples in his head. He had to stay at the hospital until the week was over which was 5 days. My aunt got mad at tony and she cursed him out outside.

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