Unwavering Devotion

April 12, 2012
By corazonxfuerte BRONZE, Upland, California
corazonxfuerte BRONZE, Upland, California
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Genie snarled viciously with muderous intent as she continued to lunge towards the man with the utmost strength that any overly protective German Shepherd could muster. The man that cringed infront of Genie merely stared, stricken with fear, but I did my best to not release my hold onto the brightly colored scarlet leash that felt like it would rip from Genie’s constant pulling. “Stop! At ease!”, I snarled with much intensity, an intensity that only an Alpha canine could accomplish. The saddle-back shepherd unfortunately didn’t respond, instead she only increased in strength with a surge of rage that emitted from her anatomy like a furious flame that was ready to unleash into a Hellish rain of fire. The reason why my faithful companion resulted to such a temper was because the chubby man, which now slipped onto his back, due to his own clumsiness had attempted to assault me. What a poor decision to make, he had anticipated a stealthy approach, however, he hadn’t given much thought that pertained to my loyal protector. Because of this, he’ll leave barely away with his life.. Genie was more than capable to kill a man.

“ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF – GRRRR..”, The canine was relentless...

“Whaaah!”, the man whimpered pathetically as his dark oculars stared back with pure fear, spasming across his leathery-like visage. My small pallid hands began to bleed from my sweaty palms.. I was gripping the leash too tightly.. I didn’t think my dog could contain such strength since she was no where near a year old. Another lunge came forth.. This time I couldn’t stand my ground as I could feel my palms become slippery with the drops of blood and sweat that began to drip from my hands. The man screamed once again with fear, poor man, I could imagine what he was seeing despite Genie’s back towards me. Her haunches constantly jumping into the air, he had seen her midnight muzzle turned back, revealing her surpisingly white teeth that practically glinted from the sunset’s shine from above.


Such ferocity! Genie was too head-strong, she wouldn’t allow her overly-protective instincts to falter. She did what was right in her bright honey-brown hues, the canine’s unwavering devotion was too strong, she would give her life to her owner and she knew well that I would do the same, she was right; I would.

As much as I wished to release my grasp, I didn’t want Genie to attack, so I did what I could. “Get the HELL out of HERE!”, I snarled, my sight being veiled from my long dark hair, I couldn’t tell if the man complied.. Then, I heard heavy breathing distancing away that accomadated loud thuds, I had speculated that the man was running away. Thank God. I relaxed then, but that was a tremendous error, my hands had relaxed which granted Genie the freedom to easily be freed.

The German Shepherd pulled – pulled hard and I went flying, my slim body hitting the concrete with a smack. My bad hip beginning to indulge me with the utmost agony. “AH! CRAAAP!”, I screamed in agony, lifting my skull upwards with my eyes widening in shock. Genie was running with such velocity, she was going to inflict much pain to the stranger that fled. My heart then entered into somersaults, feeling burns on my elbows from ripped flesh. It didn’t concern me much.. the pain in my hip washing the burning sensation away like acid. I ignored it – my dog was going on a manhunt!

“GEEENNNNNNNIIIIEEEEE~!”, I yelled, my intonation arising due to the pain..

The German Shepherd suddenly halted; but the way she did was so abrupt, almost like if a human would have done.. My canine turned, her expression seeming pained, I couldn’t decipher it, my eyesight was poor & near being blind. However, she ran back to me swiftly, returning to my side obediently. One could tell that she cared more about my well-being rather than a crooked man that was merely dirt beneath my shoes. “Woo.. woo..”, Genie whined loudly, the streets were empty now and home wasn’t far away, but she didn’t dare to leave me alone. I sniffed softly, reluctantly pulling myself upwards onto my side. Genie tensed when I groaned softly and witnessed the tears beginning to envelope at the corners of my eyes. “I’m.. fine..”, I lied, getting myself onto my feet, the pain throbbing horribly in my bad hip. I ignored it again, grasping the leash once more and turned. “lets go home..”, I announced, looking both ways to see if the streets were empty. That was good . I looked down, my eyes meeting my dog’s, she stared back solemnly, her ferocity gone, replaced with much concern. I smiled faintly and looked away, I took a step forward, the pain still there on my bad hip. I didn’t mind it much, continuing on my trek with Genie walking beside me.. Finally the nightmare was over, I would never walk by myself again.

The author's comments:
Back when I still had my faithful companion, I would take her to the park as often as i could. One particular day, I was walking back home, a car drove up and halted midway in the empty streets.. The man peered over to look at me with a peculiar look on his face and looked like he would come out, but when my dog started barking, he was quick to drive off. From that day it gave me an idea so I slightly altered the experience, either way this was intended to express the relationship of man and canine.

It is also about two years old now and when i look back at this, i greatly miss my best friend who doesn't live with me anymore. ):

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