the change of my heart

April 11, 2012
By Anonymous

It was last year, late spring early sumer. we had just got out of school, to start our sumer break. I was on my way home, and as I walked up to my house there was a Lil' girl on my front steps. she was a African American, woolly hair and her cheeks blushed with black smog. she was crying, I said "um are you okay?" "what's your name?" she didn't say anything. I grabbed her hand and asked "what's your name?" she said in a sober voice "Yoona". where did you come from? I asked. "my momma lift me here." she said. with tears in her eyes. I ran inside the house to get my mom. ma some Lil' girl is out here by her self. I said. Me and her went outside to see about the girl, but she was gone. So we went back inside. while we were getting ready for dinner, someone knocked at the door. I looked Thur the peep hole and it was, Yoona. I opened the door, she was just sitting there on the steps. I sat beside her, and I asked "where is your mom?" I don't know she said. welcome inside its getting a little chilly out here I said. I brought her inside, my momma was on the telephone. "Who is this, Diamond" my mom said with a skeptical look on her face. this is Yoona, ma. the on I was telling you about earlier. Yoona introduced her self to my mom. Hi I'm Yoona, it's nice to meet you. so I asked my mom if it was okay if she could spend the night. she said "yes but only for tonight, Diamond. I showed her to my room, and gave her some clean sheets. We watched Jersey shore and ate fruit roll-ups. It was getting late so we went to bed. The next morning when I got up, she was gone. I raced into my mom room and yelled " ma Yoona's gone!" we looked around the house, she was no where to be found. We even went to go look outside. She was gone. So then my mom had called the police. He came right over, he had us do a police report. He told us he would then get in contact with her parents. About a week later they were at our door. My mom invited them in. We sat in the kitchen and discussed how we could find here. Her mom name was, Sandra. Her dad's name was, Tony. We got they're numbers down, and told them we would stay in contact, in regards about they're daughter. Two weeks later, me and my mom was watching the 5 o'clock evening news. Then her parents. Sandra and Tony was on the news. They was talking about the lost of their daughter, Yoona. She was a sweet innocent girl. Her mother said. She was pretty shaken up about the situation. " just want to thank, Diamond and Lakeisha for taking care of her the night before she died. That means a lot to me." she said. The moment she said that I felt like a brand new person. It changed my life, and me as a person.

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