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April 11, 2012
By jasii BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
jasii BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Never look back unless your planning to go that way.

It was a early summer day about five years ago when i had gotten my first puppy. We were on our way to the fleemarket, but earlier that morning my brother who was only two years older than me had been bugging my parents for a puppy. While we were in our car my brother kept on telling me how awsome a dog would be in our family. As soon as we got there wwe went straight to the animals. I had seen this man pick up one of his pups,when I saw that it had peed on him. it was really funny and I saw my little sister giggling. We were about to leave when I saw this small, fuzy, brown and white, and brown eyes puppy. It was too adorable, so then I herd my brother asking for a dog again so I was helping him out. So after a while my parents gave in and we were on our way to getting a puppy.Lets just say that i had forgotten I was terrified of dogs. So my dad had spotted a pup who was only about a month old. My dad asked how much it would be, what type of dog would it grow up to be, and if it was a boy. We didnt know anything about dogs back then. So the man had told us it was a boy. So we left home stopped at a gas station and the pup had gotten out so this women had gotten the puppy for us. She seemed to enjoy thu pup and she said what a cute puppy girl you got here. My dad said to her its a boy and she said it was a girl because she said to look a her spot. So we went back to the fleemarket and looking for the man who saled it to us and they were gone. We left and got home and the dog was scared and i was verry much like it. She was hideing under the table like i was hididng behind my mother. my mother had comed up with a name and it was secy. Sooner we started to get closer and became friends. So after that i wasnt so terrified of dogs because i learned that all she wanted was to be my friend.

The author's comments:
All she wanted was to be my friend.

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