Beep-Beep, you just got caught!

April 9, 2012
By Keanna Norwood BRONZE, Hemet, California
Keanna Norwood BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Doesn’t it just frustrate you when you have to ask your parents to take you places? Yes! Do you ever just get the urge to take the car for a little joy ride while your parents are gone? Yes! Do most people actually do it? No! But in my case, yes!

My freshman year I always hung out with people that were older than me and wanted all the privileges that they got. For example, getting to drive yourself places. I never quite grasped the fact that my time would eventually come and jumped my youth into 5th gear!

One night my friend was having all of our friends over for a bon fire night. I excitedly asked my parents if I could go, figuring they would say yes, they said no! They were going out with their friends and I had to stay home and watch my 8 year old brother Kobe! What teenager wants to baby sit their taunting little brother on a Saturday night? No one!

My parents left taking my moms car and leaving my dads car along with his shiny key! I told my little brother

“Wanna go for a ride in the car instead of being bored at home?” Of course an 8 year old is going to say yes! We got our sweatshirts on, ready to sit by a nice warm fire. We jumped in the car and started it! Once I heard the engine start I thought,

“This is it! Your gonna be cool driving!” I had so much adrenaline running through my warm body.

We turned the radio on and hit the road. I wasn’t completely stupid about the situation; I took back streets where cops wouldn’t be. Once we arrived we parked and walked straight to the backyard and found all my friends playing on the volleyball and basketball courts and sitting by the bon fire laughing and gossiping! Everyone swarmed over to me and my curly haired brother all amazed that I actually took the car and my brother with it! I wasn’t going to leave my 8 year old brother at home to burn the house down!

My little brother ran in the sand on the volleyball court and chased my friends while I socialized with my friends. After an hour or two I decided we should get home. I got my little brother and said bye to everyone and began the drive home. On the way home I said,

“Kobe wasn’t this fun? We could do this all the time when I turn 16, but you can NEVER tell mommy and daddy or else I will never be able to drive! Ok?”

“Ok, I promise.” He said.

We got home put the seat all the way back like my dad had it and put the keys right back where we got them from. We washed up and went to bed.

Next morning we started cleaning because our parents made us. Kobe started being a brat and talking to me as if I were his younger sister, telling me to do his chores! I got mad and frustrated and told my dad to go tell him to stop. He did. Kobe got a little lecture back in his room while I was cleaning the kitchen. Then the worst moment of my life took place! My dad walks in to the kitchen and says,

“Did you take the car last night?” I get hot and sweaty and nervous and began to shake, I turn around and automatically deny it,


“Someone saw you.” He said pointing to my neighbor’s house across the street. I thought to myself,

“Oh my gosh did they really see me and tell my dad? Or did Kobe tell him because he was mad at me and my dad is trying to trick me into telling him! I’m going to get in so much trouble if the neighbors in fact did see me and I deny it!”

“Yes!” I confessed to my dad. He started screaming and lecturing me and asking questions! I was so scared! My parents took my phone, ipod touch, laptop, and hanging out with friends away! I am a sophomore now and I still to this day have my ipod and laptop taken away. I have to wait 6 months later to get my permit, because that was another punishment.

So for all of you teenagers out there who always think that your parents are stupid and will never find out what you do behind their backs…think again! I really underestimated my parents and they catch me with everything, and believe I am sneaky! Don’t be in a rush to grow up! These are the best years of your lives. I know your friends do it, but your time will eventually come. Your time will come to live, your time will come to laugh, your time will come to die, don’t rush it! Sit back and enjoy the ride of life! :)

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