A Complete Stranger

April 5, 2012
I never considered myself attractive. Not in a million years. People always thought I was annoying and irritable. So when I got asked out my a complete stranger, I was appalled.

I stood outside the local Stop and Shop with my friends Amy, Haley, Jake, Raymond, and Taylor. We all volunteered to sell candy bars for our theater group. We stood outside shouting "Would you like a buy a candy bar to support our theater group?!" We all huddled together with our hot chocolates and coffees to keep from freezing to death...typical Connecticut teens. Every time someone passed us, we would sing and dance, trying our best to persuade people to buy some chocolate.
I looked at my phone and yelled, "It's twelve! Only four more hours to go!"
"Twelve more hours of singing and dancing," Taylor groaned.
"Erica, you have a nice voice. How about you sing," Raymond said, grabbing me from behind. My heart skipped a little. I started to sing "Let's Hear it for the Boy." I reached the chorus when a boy, little older than me (maybe fourteen), and his uncle passed by. He was blond and about 2 inches taller than me. I could tell he was a hockey player from his sweatshirt. He sort of smiled in a way and turned to his uncle. The continued to talk on their way inside glancing over at me. In no time, I was done with the song, Raymond occasionally spinning me as if we were Willard and Rusty from Footloose.
When they came back outside, the uncle pointed to me and said, "Is that the one?"
The boy nodded and they proceeded to our table. Smiling, I said, "Can I help you?"
The uncle looked me dead in the eye. "Will you go out with my nephew?"
I had no idea how to respond. Should I say yes to be nice? But the man was serious. I didn't know what else to say but, "NO! SORRY!"
The uncle shrugged. "I tried!"

But before they could leave, my friend said, "Sorry you got rejected. She's taken."
The boy spoke up, "By who?"
I froze, not knowing what to say.
"She's my girlfriend and we're happy together," Raymond said, wrapping his arms around my waist. My heart stopped, but he didn't need to know that.
The boy's face turned beet red and he stormed off, obviously embarrassed.
My friends and I burst into laughter as he shuffled off. I immediately thanked Raymond. He said he was an excellent actor. My heart sank a little but I shook it off.

For the rest of the day I hid under the table and stayed next to Raymond, hoping no other guy as going to ask me out.

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