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April 9, 2012
By simonepink BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
simonepink BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
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joey it seems as if I’ve been writing you letters every day in my head but this is the first I decided to put to pen and paper. Joey it’s been about nine years since we’ve last saw or spoke to each other. I doubt but I hope you remember me… it was such a bad and sad and angry day when you left. As if you evaporated into thin air with no sign of you ever even existing. I was so mad and upset with you because you didn’t tell us that you were leaving you gave no warning it was a bright and sunny day but my eyes were pouring. It took me a day or two to realize you left joey. I thought you were mad at me for not knocking at my door. There was no baseball hat peeking through the screen there was no knock or your voice at the scene. Your grandma was always warning that she was going a move anywhere with mountains. But we paid no mind. Your mom was always warning that she needed to get herself together and that she needed help. But we paid no mind. We were young and having fun joey we were blind. But I wish the people on our block weren’t blind I wish your neighbors looked out for you all along. If they did you wouldn’t have day when you were all by yourself that feeling of struggling to get home in the night because no one came to meet you no one came looking for you Joe Joe as I was in my room sound asleep you were being harmed brutalized in the streets. I look back to those days just wishing someone knew what was happening to you. Joey Where was your favorite super heroes then? Power rangers must have been too busy. Joey we were just babies six years old we were outside all the time warm or cold. We took our childhood very seriously we were arresting bad guys , slaying, Ogars and dragons. I miss those days when it rained we went out in our rain boots and grabbed our umbrellas and tried saving the ants by covering up their homes with leaves. We did all of those things we took our childhood very seriously. I still notice my childhood like methods still matter to me. And I take those memories very seriously. Making up secret languages and hand signals to communicate to each other. The memory that I will continue to always have and that I will always cherish is the known fact and keeping the pure memory of the innocence of a childhood.

The author's comments:
I thought of my greatest childhood friend that i truly miss so much and i just think back on things we did as chidlren.

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