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She glances in the mirror and all she sees is a pretty, little, girl, with a tear stained face. For some people sometimes life is tough but for her every day it’s rough she lives her life empty and heartbroken, Because no one is around to love her she’s left alone all the time and all she ever wants to do is cry. She wonders if life is even worth it she can’t stand to live like this anymore. The only time she feels she belongs is when she at school with friends who care. It seems when she’s at home that she’s living in hell. No matter what she does it seems she can’t do anything right. She gets hit and abused for the stupidest things because her parents feel that that’s the only way to get through to her. She’s called worthless, among other names by her own parents. When she does more for them then they give her credit for. She feels alone and helpless. Stuck in a world she doesn’t belong. All she wants is for people to give her credit where credit is due. Sometimes she would rather drop dead then live in the world she lives in. She cares for everyone but sometimes it seems it’s never enough. All she wants is to live and be strong. Every day is a long tough road with so many bumps in the road she can’t stand it anymore. She wants to escape this whole entire life full of hell but she’s not strong enough to do it. She is too weak to fight anymore it seems she’s just living her life just going through the motions. It seems everyone expects her to so many things and expects so much out of her she can’t handle it all she’s only one person. Everybody wants her to be someone she’s not. She can’t take it anymore; even her parents push her to her limits she’s ready to explode from all the pressure. She tries everything she can to be the person that everyone wants her to be but she can’t do it all, she just can’t. She just wishes everyone would just back off and let her be the person she is. If they did they would see the brilliant young teenage girl she really is, she’s under so much pressure, from everyone-her parents, school, her friends, her boyfriend, family, it’s too much for her to take and she can’t do it anymore she just can’t. She can’t branch out and show who she really is and act the way she wants because her parents tell her she’s acting childish, really, that’s just her personality, she’s silly, energetic, friendly, caring. She’s a wonderful if people get to know her. So many people judge her too soon. They don’t ever really get to know the person she is on the inside. People look and act like she’s a disease likes she contagious with a deathly disease she wishes people wouldn’t do that, all she wants is a friend who will care about her and understand her for who she really is not someone they want her to be.

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