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April 3, 2012
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Hello and greetings dear reader. My name is Amarsanaa B. and i’m 16 years old. I’m from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. My country maybe be poor and the air is greatly polluted but i love this city and it’s culture with all my heart.

My childhood had a great and a happy beginning. Full of laughter and happieness with just me, my mom and dad. First i started learning Russian language when I was in kindergarden. The reason for that was my grandfather and my grandmother. They kept telling my parents to and thought Russian language will be very useful sometime in the future. After that a year or two later i started learning English at another kindergarden. My parents chose English for me. Which was a good thing because i always loved cartoons which were in English. So i learned English fairly quick. I had a Japanese teacher and I remember her being young, sweet and very kind. And ever since then I never lost interest in English.

At that point of my life when i thought i couldn’t be more happier. But it was the turning corner to a hard life. I was still little when my parents got separated. And I just couldn’t believe it. Then my mother went to England to study and work. And I was left with my grandparents. But of course my father did come and see me often. And my mother was said that she was going to be there for a long time. But I never felt that parental love and secureness when i was little. So I grew up with just the love of my grandparents. They did their best to keep me happy and smiling everyday. And my life wasn’t that hard at that time. But I always wanted my old happy life back.

During my second elementary school year my mother finally came back from England and I was just so happy to see her. And to me my life felt much, much more happier. Mom and dad very rarely talked and i always went to see my dad on festival days because i lived with my mother, grandfather and my grandmother. We managed to secure a normal stable life and my mother got a work at the government house. But sometimes she’d come home drunk and all depressed. I think the reason for that was getting separated from my father. But when my grandfather passed away when I was 10 it had a really hard emotional hit on my mother. She’d drink more often and until one day she fell very ill. The doctors said her liver was in a very bad condition. I was very afraid of losing my mother the most. She spent years visiting various hospitals specialized in liver treatment. But it had very little effect. And Febuary 2011 is the month that scared me to my core. Mother fell into a coma and was in a critical condition. Me and my granny stayed at the hospital all day and night. Many relatives came and went still hoping she’d regain her consciousness. After the most nerve wrecking 3 days she finally came back. And i was more relieved than anything in the world.

Even though she managed to pull through that coma it still didn’t mean she was all back to normal. And for the last 3 months of her life she struggled but sadly she passed away May 15th 2011. The day before she passed away i remember seeing my mom smiling inside her bed saying “today I’m feeling very well son”. And the next day when i came back home after school I received the tragic news. At her funeral i was in so much shock and my grandmother just didn’t want to accept the hard truth. Now I’m living all alone with my grandmother.

My father now has a separate life with a new wife and 2 kids. I did see my little brother and sister and I really do love them with a big brother’s heart. And i’ll always be grateful to my father because he always helped me out with the maximum extent that he was able to. And he still does. To me he’s the number one dad in the world. Now my dad and my grandmother are the only persons who are struggling for me and trying to put me on a straight forward path to a happy future.

Now when i look back at my past it makes me feel real sad. And i don’t want my children to go through such a painful experience so that’s why I promised that i’ll try to reach out and grasp every little chance life has to offer.

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Irain said...
Mar. 23, 2013 at 3:36 am
Hi sainuu, wow chinii angli hel yamar sain yum be! I'm so glad I found another Mongolian person on this website-that was completely unexpected and in a way quite satisfying. Hope to see you writing more things soon. Yours truly, Enkh-Ay.
Coolio2k11 replied...
Apr. 30, 2013 at 9:37 am
Well thanks. Im glad too. And i wonder how did u find my work. But i'm relieved. And u know the reason
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