Conversing With Someone Who Doesn't Understand

March 30, 2012
By Anonymous

--For purposes of this publication I will refer to the other person in this real conversation as “Person B”

Me: Hey, So your like really faithful to Christianity, right?

Person B: Yes I am

Me: So, (I am Christian but...) . . .I know this sounds dumb... but like what are like the key things that you believe in...pertaining to your personal life, but based on your religion?

Person B: 1st of all I am not religious, religion means that God gets put in a box and is limited. God is limitless, 2nd Jesus is the only way to heaven. I've been praying so much lately, actually I prayed for you like 3 min ago God just put a burden on my heart to pray for you. Also I believe that listening to God is absolutely essential for Christianity. Also I believe Jesus is the only perfect human.

Me: Why'd you pray for me? Just because?

Person B: He told me to.

Me: Ok. Well. I meant your person life. Friend, relationships, social issues, etc. Stuff like that. What do you believe about that stuff?

Person B: I am not sure that I know what you mean.

Me: Marriage, sex, relationships, all that stuff.

Person B: Well, sex is reserved for marriage, dating at a young age is not a good idea, why you ask. Because it is like practicing divorce. And also, I believe marriage is specifically between a man and a woman. I don't have a prejudice against gay PEOPLE, but gayness is a sin. You'll probably disagree, but I'm firm on it. I can't be perfect. But I try because God was, and I want to be accepted and loved by God when I get to heaven.

Me: I'm not trying to come at you for your religion. Or say your wrong... but doesn't the Bible also say that God loves everyone Let me rephrase this, do you think I will go to hell because I am gay? Even if I've accepted Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior?

Person B: I don't know man. But, living a life of continuous sin and not living a life of how you should, is not wise. You see, I am too in love with God to disobey him again, even though I'm going to do it again because I am human.

Me: So what do you propose I do then? If I want to go to heaven? Just live alone, never have children...never get married?

Person B: I don't want to tell you how to live your life, but yes get married to a woman yes live life but ya know don't be so full of yourself and pray and giving of yourself to God. Ya know if it is possible I think God would like you to not be gay anymore and follow him.

Me: So get married.....but like...I am confused... It's not like I can choose who I am sexually attracted to...Just like you couldn't all the sudden start liking dudes... it's not in my hormones or brain chemistry. I'm different than you. When I see guys that are attractive I get all warm and excited, the exact same feeling you get when you see girls. How can I just resist my biological urges? Person B, I want you to know that being gay is not a choice.

Me: It's not a decision. Sure, I thought I was straight, but then I hit puberty and while all my friends starting developing emotional and sexual feelings for women.....I developed those same feelings for know? I had no say in the matter.... being gay is not some huge life decision I made..... why would anyone CHOOSE to be gay? Everyday people would make fun of me, and call me names... and especially the religious controversy over homosexuality...why would I choose to be something that no one else, including God, my parents, and society, wants me to be.

Person B: Lets get something straight. It's called resisting temptation and asking for strength to resist. God will give you the strength.

Me: But what is the point of resisting? It is not like I am in anyway attracted to girls! So I should marry someone...and then not have children or sex with her? It would be physically impossible. I am not emotionally or sexually attracted to women at all....... so I should just be completely deprived of my sexuality? I have to be asexual? I don't get to love and share a physical and emotional, yet mutual bond with anyone in life?

Person B: God defies physics and He can make miracles. God will not be held in a box, he is above all thing. It is your decision if you want to be gay. If you don't try you are content with sin, and I am not okay with sin. Pray and ask God for help and he will.

Me: So if I pray to God....... I can “cure,” my homosexuality?

Me: I am being pretty chill about this...but do you realize how offending your being right now? You're saying that I should pray to God to like girls. That's like me tell you to take a class on evolution so you can stop practicing Christianity.....

Me: You realize that in most instances of the Bible.... homosexuality is deemed a sin in the context of rap or slander [or incest] ... not because of general affection?

Person B: If you are earnest and desire to not be homosexual yes he can. God is not to be taken lightly. I'll pray for your if you want.

Me: Not being snotty. And just trying to prove a point... (I know this is misconstrued...) but if God is so amazing, then why doesn't he just change his rules?

Me: Or, if God's so amazing, why didn't he stop me from having all these “temptations” ?????

Me: If God is So amazing.... then why did he have to make my life terrible?!

Person B: I don't have all the answers but I do know that God tests people to see how far they will go to be with him. It hurts God to see you hurt. But he has a plan. Never forget that.

Person B: No bro, I'm not trying to offend you, but I really feel that God wants you but you are pushing away from him. I am not telling you to like girls, I am telling you that sin blocks God from speaking to you. I am not trying to offend you.

Person B: First of all have you read Genesis? The fall of man? Sin entering the world? Any of that?

Me: I'm not pushing away from God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,( WHAT IF GODS PLAN WAS FOR ME TO BE GAY? WHAT IF?!?! SURELY IT WASN'T IN GODS PLAN TO HAVE ALL THE

Me: Was it?

Me: (P.S. Don't call me bro.)

Me: Person B....Just say that for a second, I was going to, “cure my homosexuality.” …..then how would that happen!? I would end up killing myself. I would lose ALL my friends....I would lose ALL legitimacy among [my] peers....I would have no one left in my life on earth. I would WANT to kill myself...I would WANT to might-as-well get to the afterlife quicker if I can, right? Then I can see if its. If on my day of reckoning...everything you told me was true...

Person B: God doesn't go back on his word. I don't know all the answers. Maybe you will go to heaven, maybe you won't but do not bet on it, know for sure you are going to heaven.

Me:Maybe I should just kill myself now to find out? By the way, with every word, YOU say...I am becoming more skeptical about Christianity as a whole. How do we KNOW heaven exists?

Me:How would YOU feel if you married someone who didn't actually love you...but they were actually having temptations towards other women....and they just wanted to make sure they got into heaven, so they married you?

Me: And you wonder why you suck at relationships. You're so narrow-minded.

Person B: I don't mean to skew your view of Christianity. Even if there isn't a heaven, I am going to act there is one. I have seen God move and it's cool.

Me: Give me an example of God, “moving.”

Person B: Saying words I have never heard before, people getting healed in front of my face! Jesus talking through me! Laying on the ground and not being able to move and hearing God placing a plan in my life.

Me: ….anyone can say words they've never heard before. And not use your own stuff against you. But humans are amazing feats themselves. I mean they were created, “in God's image,” so doesn't that mean they already have their own personal miraculous ability???????

Person B: No? Without God there is nothing! Back to Genesis there was a fall of man and so we are not perfect. Jon 3:16 For so he loved the world that he gave his one and only son to die for us. We are not perfect... But we are loved.

Person B: I gotta go to bed

The author's comments:
This is a text conversation I had with someone who I am very frustrated with and am trying to sympathize with. Yes, I am a Christian, and no, I am not trying to deem Christianity hypocritical or anything. I was just trying to make a point. This is just word-for-word what happened.

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